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My Story

My name is Labarre Jansen van Vuuren and I am a registered Biokineticist and former dancer. I opened my own practice called Labarre Jansen van Vuuren Biokineticist. So, currently I am practicing alongside Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy situated in Pretoria East.  I am a young, vibrant and sports loving woman, fascinated by the human body. And I find the human body and its method of movement intriguing. Especially the way we can influence our movement quality and the overall functioning of our body.

My background

I danced for 17 years, started at a small dance studio and carried on performing throughout my Primary and Secondary education. The obvious decision for me was to continue pursuing my passion for dance by studying at Tshwane University of Technology. In 2015 I received my BTech Degree in Performing Arts and Dance (Cum Laude). Although I loved dancing, the treatment of injuries and medical side of sport interested me. So, in 2018 I completed my Sports Science Degree (BSc) at The University of Pretoria. And in 2019 I completed my Honors degree in Biokinetics (Cum Laude).

Academics and the application of it is important to me. Thus, I completed additional qualifications such as a First Aid Level 3 and Physical Ability Analysis (PAA), used in industrial and ergonomic settings. More recently I completed a BTE Primus RS qualification. The BTE qualification allows me to understand and test orthopaedic patients with specialized equipment. As a biokineticist, I enjoy developing my professional knowledge on a continuous basis. Because it enables me to give my patients the most current treatment and patient education.

My interests

Activities that include the outdoors, like; fun walks, hikes, cycling and swimming is what I find myself doing on the weekend and whenever I have the chance. I similarly love playing squash, and doing other fun-filled group activities like the Warrior race.

I find purpose in my profession when treating patients and seeing the progress they make. A long-term dream is to pursue neuro-spinal research and how exercise as a therapy could affect the brain (Neurology) during rehabilitation.

I love working with people, hearing their story, learning different things and having quality time with friends and family.


As a biokineticist I am devoted towards treating my patients with the most effective treatment that is evidence based. Thus my search for experience regarding healing and rehabilitation through application of movement or exercise therapy, (chronic injury, condition, diagnosis or orthopaedic operation) will continue to grow. I believe that movement as a method of injury prevention and healing is an ever growing concept. And I believe that exercise therapy will prove to become extremely important in the future…

Labarre janse van Vuuren - Biokineticist at Well Health Pro

My experience

  • I recently completed my biokinetics internship at BMW Rosslyn where they manufacture the X3
  • I gained experience in running a biokinetics practice as well as the daily admin during my internship year
  • Everyday consisted of evaluating many patients with orthopaedic injuries or chronic conditions
  • Part of my internship required exercise treatment in the form of program prescription
  • We completed ergonomic assessments of the workforce on the line, which allowed me to experience the industrial side of biokinetics
  • As a student biokineticist we rotated at many different facilities such as old age homes, schools, diabetic clinics, high performance facilities and hospitals
  • Many years of dancing, both recreational and professional allows me to understand the demands on an athlete and the rehabilitation process when an injury occurs
  • Recreational sport activities such as hiking, squash and many others allow me to stay active and keep my body healthy
Labarre janse van Vuuren - Biokineticists at Well Health Pro

Partnership with Cilliers & Swart Physio

I am inspired by the people I work with at Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy. They aim to do everything in their power to give the very best treatments to their patients. And each physiotherapist builds ever lasting professional relationships with their patients. Renier, Jaco, Carli, Maryke are each experts in their fields and we all complement each other’s treatments.

Where does the biokineticist come in?

Many of the physiotherapists’ patients need additional therapy alongside their physio treatment in order to enhance and encourage the healing process. So, this is where I come in. I am able to assist you after the physio has treated your pain, swelling and loss of movement. Because many patients think this is where their therapy ends, they often have long-term pain and related problems.

So, we need to tackle the cause of your injury, diagnosis or condition. And I complete an evaluation for you and see where I can assist you. I try and find the cause of your initial injury, diagnosis or condition. Depending on your evaluation results I prescribe an exercise treatment program for you to assist in the long-term management of your complaint.  Thus, I see myself as part of a great team who works towards providing the most effective treatment for each individual patient.

I am skilled in the techniques of human movement analysis, posture analysis, orthopaedic evaluations, chronic disease management and exercise / treatment program prescriptions.

I am constantly increasing my knowledge regarding physiological, anatomical and biomechanical aspects of the body. Increased knowledge allows me to apply the most relevant treatments in the best manner. I am professional, friendly, trustworthy and eager to learn.

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