Labarre jansen van Vuuren is a registered, qualified biokineticist working in partnership with some of the best health care professionals in South Africa. She’s an energetic, strong-willed and determined Bio. Labarre brings a unique wisdom of movement systems and shares her knowledge to achieve our goals. A natural peoples person with a warm heart makes you feel like family. She’s a great listener. Labarre sets her own standards – far above your expectations and she constantly pushes the limits. Her expertise as a biokineticist ignites a passion for change to “become a better version of you”.

Labarre is for the lack of a better word – energy ball. She takes her responsibility seriously, to help and to do the right thing. She enjoys making sure that those who are close to her are well cared for, building strong relationships. Not all our friends see us in our sweating gear, but Labarre’ warm personality puts you at ease while the waterworks starts. Yes, she’s no pushover, but knows the right balance between encouragement and tough love. She’s a cheerleader for every one of her patients. She’ll be motivating, guiding and chanting as you go through her programs.

She’s a pillar of stability and loyalty. This is firmly grounded in her ability to care deeply about other people’s feelings.

Kind-hearted, humble and dedicated to achieve a win. She has excellent analytical skills processing multiple sources of information, analyzing every detail to ensure you reach the end goal.  She’s patient and meticulously selects the perfect set of exercises taking a steady approach and bending with the needs of the situation. Labarre is exceptional in observing the slightest change and gracefully corrects it.

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Labarre janse van Vuuren Biokinetics at Well Health Pro

Ability is what you are capable of doing.

Motivation determines what you do.

Attitude determines how well you do it.

Lou Holtz

My Story

I am a young, vibrant and sports loving woman, fascinated by the human body. Our bodies are fascinating machines especially our ability to create force, become stronger and even tissue healing.

I love working with people, hearing their stories, learning different things and spending quality time with the people I care for. As a biokineticist I am devoted towards treating my patients with the most effective treatment that is evidence based. Thus my search for experience regarding healing and rehabilitation through movement and exercise therapy, will continue to grow. I believe that movement prevents injuries and helps with healing.

My training background

I’ve danced for 17 years. The obvious decision for me was to continue pursuing my passion for dance by studying at Tshwane University of Technology, where I received my BTech Degree in Performing Arts and Dance (Cum Laude). Although I loved dancing, the treatment of injuries and medical side of sport interested me too much. So, I completed my Sports Science Degree (BSc) at The University of Pretoria. Then I completed my Honors degree in Biokinetics (Cum Laude).

I completed additional qualifications such as a First Aid Level 3 and Physical Ability Analysis (PAA), used in industrial and ergonomic settings. More recently I completed a BTE Primus RS qualification. This allows me to understand and test orthopaedic patients with specialized equipment. As a biokineticist, I enjoy expanding my professional knowledge constantly. I’ll never stop learning something new.

My interests

I find purpose in my profession when treating patients and seeing the progress they make. A long-term dream is to pursue neuro-spinal research and how exercise as a therapy could affect the brain during rehabilitation.

Labarre janse van Vuuren - Biokineticist at Well Health Pro
Labarre janse van Vuuren - Biokineticists at Well Health Pro

Partnership with Well Health Pro

I’m inspired by the people I work with at this private practice. I work alongside a range of experts and we’ve built a strong relationships with each specialist in their field, to bring you the some of the best world class treatment protocols that’s been researched, trailed, tested and proven to work.

Where does the biokineticist come in?

Many of the physiotherapists’ patients need additional therapy alongside their physio treatment in order to enhance and encourage healing. This is where I come in. I am able to assist you after the physio has treated your pain, swelling and loss of movement. I improve, built and reinforce the correct movement pattern, distribute weight across other areas, strengthen and so much more.

So, we need to tackle the cause of your injury. I do an evaluation and see where I can add to your program. Depending on your evaluation results I prescribe an exercise treatment program for you to assist in the long-term management of your condition.  Thus, I see myself as part of a great team who works towards providing the most effective treatment that work for your body, build, type, stage of healing, etc.

As a Biokineticist I’m skilled in techniques of human movement analysis, posture analysis, orthopaedic evaluations, chronic disease management and exercise / treatment program prescriptions. I am constantly increasing my knowledge regarding physiological, anatomical and biomechanical aspects of the body. Increased knowledge allows me to apply the most relevant treatments. I am professional, friendly, trustworthy and eager to learn.

Strength testing

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Labarre as Biokineticist

Hi, I’m Labarre Jansen van Vuuren and I’m a registered Biokineticist and former dancer. I’m a proud partner of the Well Health Pro group practicing as a Biokineticist. My cozy practice is at 301 Issie Smuts Road, in Pretoria East.

What my clients say about me

I’m so glad I found Labarre. She’s the best Bio I’ve seen in years

A Bowman

Excellent Bio service at Labarre! Thank you for getting me back on my feet again. I’ll recommend you always.

T Dlamini

I have visited Biokineticists over the past 20 years and never before has anybody taken the time to explain to me and consult so thoroughly. Thank you Labarre for your service. I am glad that I found you.

V Middelton

Labarre janse van Vuuren Biokinetics at Well Health Pro


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If you’re suffering from pain after trauma or even surgery, you are at the right place. Doing the right exercises in the correct way is the right way to solve biomechanical problems. Do it correctly, or you may cause more harm than good. Get in touch and I’ll show you.

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Labarre’s Bio interests & experience

My Bio Practice

I completed my biokinetics internship at BMW. My biokinetics practice was established in 2019, where orthopaedic injuries or chronic conditions is my special interest. As part of my treatment I prescribe exercise programs, and I’ve done additional training in industrial biokinetics. This includes ergonomic assessments of the workplace.

Many years of dancing, both recreational and professional allows me to understand the demands on an athlete and the rehabilitation process when an injury occurs. I enjoy hiking and squash to stay active and keep my body healthy.