My Story

I’m Labarre Jansen van Vuuren, currently a Biokineticist practicing at Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy (situated in Pretoria East).  I am a young, vibrant, sport loving woman who has been fascinated since my youth with the human body, how it moves and how we can influence our bodies to improve these movements as well as the overall functioning of the human body. I danced for 17 years, started at a small dance studio and carried on performing through Primary and Secondary education.

I decided to pursue my passion in dancing by studying performance and dance at Tshwane University of Technology, where I received my BTech Degree in Performing Arts and Dance (Cum Laude) in 2015. Currently I am completing my Sports Science Degree (BSc) at The University of Pretoria and will hopefully be able to carry on next year (2018) by doing my Honours Degree in Biokinetics.

I have also recently done a course in Remedial Sports Massage to both increase my knowledge of the human body and how we can heal it by touch. I am in awe of the fact that manual touch and the remedial massage techniques we use can truly reduce pain, enhance muscular function and do so much more.

It is clear that I love the human body and have been pursuing many different fields to explore this interest as well as develop a good understanding and admiration of how the human body functions. My interests not only lie with the human body, dancing and remedial massaging, but by taking part in activities that include the outdoors like fun walks, hikes, cycling and swimming. I love playing squash, and doing other fun-filled group activities like the Warrior race.

I am also interested in Pilates and Gyrotonics as they use a holistic approach to strengthening the human body. One of my interests I hope to still pursue is Neurology and how exercise and treatment influences the brain. I love working with people, learning about different things and having quality time with friends and family.

I would love to not be known for who I am but for the difference I made in improving someone’s life – to be without the physical drawback, whatever it may be.
– Labarre

What my clients say about me

The treatment works extremely well for me. You know what you are doing and you do it well! I will definitely be returning for treatment whenever I have any pain or problems with my lower back or other muscles again.

X Van Zyl

I would highly recommend Labarre to any and everyone. Her service was quick and professional. She was well informed and made me feel very comfortable during treatment.

V van Wyk

You have God-healing hands and are amazing at treating me with the care that I require. Thank you for always being so helpful!

S Tope

I used to take medication for my migraines every single day, after only one treatment, although it was somewhat painful, I am no longer taking ANY medication for the migraines as I don’t get them anymore! The massages and stretching exercises are amazing! Thank you.

‘S Betta

The remedial massage treatments have really helped with alleviating the tension and constant pain that I used to have in my back and neck area. You are always professional and friendly. You explain what the treatment entails and this is nice as I know what to expect and am not overwhelmed or caught off guard. I have found few things that work to reduce the pain for herniated disks and the lifestyle recommendations and stretch exercises that you have advised me to do alongside the massage treatments have truly been a blessing. Thank you!

L Geldenhuys

I was bitten by a dog and the scar tissue is definitely getting less with the treatments. My leg almost feels normal again! Thank you! Labarre is also very friendly and informative. She thoroughly explains the treatment so that any person will be able to understand. Although the treatment can be very painful, it definitely helps and I can feel the difference in my training.

F Dean

Contact Biokineticist Labarre Jansen van Vuuren
012 111 9040


I have been treating patients with Remedial Sports Massage techniques at Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy from February 2017. Each day my experience is growing as I work with different patients, from elite athletes to individuals with chronic pain.

My experience in dancing and studying Sport Science have been a major asset in how I understand, relate and apply the treatment.

Treatment Choice:


After my first examination of posture and muscle tension of the patient, I will base my treatment of choice on the needs specific to that patient.

One technique of Remedial Sport Massage that I prefer is the Friction technique where we loosen the fascia around the muscles to release tension and alleviate pain. This in itself may be slightly painful but the healing and pain relieve is guaranteed.


BTech Degree in Performing Arts and Dance (Cum Laude) in 2015 and majored in Contemporary dance performance as well as Choreography. Currently I am completing my Sports Science Degree (BSc) at The University of Pretoria and will hopefully be able to carry on next year (2018) by doing my Honours Degree in Biokinetics. I have also done a course in Remedial Sports Massage to both increase my knowledge of the human body and how we can heal it by touch.



I have an extreme passion to treat patients with the most effective, evidenced based and current treatment, thus my search and experience regarding the healing and rehabilitation process through application of movement or exercise therapy after an acute or chronic injury, or operation will continue to grow. Movement as a method of prevention and healing is an ever growing concept and I believe it’s the future…

Partnership with Cilliers & Swart Physio

I have found true inspirations in the people I work with at Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy as they guide me in how to do everything in your power to give the best treatment and build professional relationships with my patients. Renier, Jaco, Carli and Maryke are each experts in their fields. We compliment each other’s treatment.

Many of my patients are referrals from the physiotherapists as the patients might need additional therapy alongside their physio treatment as this will enhance and encourage the healing process. Thus, I see myself as part of a great team working together, towards the most effective treatment for each individual patient.

I am skilled in the techniques of Remedial Sports Massage and although these are aimed at athletes, they are incredibly effective in any patient with tight, injured or sore muscles. My background in dancing enables me to understand how this sport and other type of sports or injuries affect the body.

With my current education I am increasing my knowledge regarding the physiological, anatomical and biomechanical aspects of the body, which allows me to apply the relevant knowledge to treatments. I am professional, friendly, trustworthy and eager to learn.