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Discovery Vitality Fitness Assessment

Discovery Fitness Assessment

The Vitality Fitness Assessment informs you of your current fitness level. So that you understand how fit you are and receive a reward for this – vitality points! We assist you in knowing which areas of your health and or fitness you need to improve on.

The assessment consists of two parts. A strength and flexibility test as well as a cardiovascular test on a watt bike or treadmill. Together these two parts of the assessment give you an informed understanding of your fitness level.

After the assessment you receive exercises to improve your overall health and fitness. And to strengthen any weak muscles and improve flexibility limitations, we give you exercises to assist you. Additionally, the exercises are assisting the prevention of injuries and improvement of your daily movement.

Strength testing

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Who may use this benefit?

You can book your Vitality Fitness Assessment if you have an active Discovery Vitality membership. But the required age is 18 years and older.
So if you are interested in staying informed about your health and fitness, this assessment is for you.

But if you have a cardiovascular condition, please obtain clearance from your doctor before booking this assessment. It is your duty to disclose any medical condition to the selected Biokineticist. And you need to ensure that you are medically fit and able to complete the Vitality Fitness Assessment.

Get your rewards

2 500 up to 7500 Vitality points a year

Based on how fit you are.

Rated according to the Discovery Vitality protocol.

When will your points reflect?

Within 7 days of completing the assessment.

Costs involved

Medical aid / Cash / Card


Please specify whether your medical aid covers the vitality tests. If you are not sure, you can pay by cash / card on the day.

Can I do a re-assessment?

If you are not rewarded the highest points because of your current fitness level. You may complete the assessment for a second time later in the year (90 days after your test). And you will be rewarded your vitality points based on the highest result for the year. But you may only receive additional points if your assessments are performed at least 90 days apart. This period allows adequate time for you to address possible underlying risk factors. And to take the needed steps to improve your vitality points for the year.

Remember to bring the following with you:

  1. Your Discovery membership card / number
  2. Your identity document
  3. Exercise clothes and correct footwear
  4. A cash / card amount of R 460,10 if you are not claiming through medical aid


The entire assessment takes about 45 minutes to complete. Because we take your medical history and complete both parts of the assessment.

There are adjustments to the assessment if you have a heart condition, metabolic condition or if you are pregnant. So you can do the easier (sub-maximal) fitness test if  you have written consent from your doctor. And members who are unable to cycle on the watt bike or walk on the treadmill can do an arm ergometer test in place of the normal test. However, the arm ergometer test is only available at certain biokineticists.

The Vitality Fitness Assessment costs R460.10 for the current year – 2021. If you are on a Medical Scheme plan (with Discovery) that covers the cost, you can claim this amount from your day-to-day benefits based on your available funds. Otherwise this is either a cash or card payment at the time of assessment.

You can earn 2 500 points if you complete the test. Depending on your fitness level, you can earn up to 5 000 points. Which means that you can earn up to 7 500 Vitality Points per year. And, these points contribute towards your yearly cap of 30 000 fitness points!!

You may complete another assessment later in the year to be rewarded additional points but only if your next assessment is at least 90 days after your initial assessment. This period will allow adequate time to address any fitness element or underlying risk factors.

You can call us at 072 216 3310. We make a booking for you. And at a time that suits you!