Contractual terms and conditions

  1. The Parties are the Patient (set out on the reverse side hereof) and Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapist (hereafter referred to as CSP)
  2. The Patient agrees that the terms and conditions set out herein will form the basis of an agreement between the Patient and CSP.
  3. The Patient agrees he/she shall be personally liable in respect of any accounts raised by CSP. The Patient further acknowledges that the full and final amount payable in respect of any accounts levied by CSP shall, at all times, remain the sole responsibility of the Patient (or his/her parent or legal guardian in the instance of a minor child receiving any treatment). Your account will be sent to the medical aid electronically. It remains your responsibility to claim from the medical aid and make sure that they have received the account and will process it for further payment.
  4. The Patient hereby contractually binds himself/herself to attend to payments of all accounts levied by CSP and agrees that CSP may raise an account for appointments not attended by the Patient which have not been cancelled by the Patient at least 2 hours prior thereto.
  5. It remains the responsibility of the Patient to ensure that the account of CSP reaches his/her Medical Aid Fund timeously and that the Membership details and information on the account raised by CSP are correct. In the event of any details being incorrect. Please advise the accounts department at CSP so that an amended account may be issued.
  6. The patient undertakes to make all payments to CSP within 30 days of the Patient’s account being due.
  7. All payments due to CSP shall be forwarded to Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy to 526 Windsor Road, Garsfontein, Pretoria, 0042.
  8. Any discount which CSP may have granted to the Patient shall be forfeited by the Patient if any payment is not made to CSP on the due date.
  9. The Patient agrees that interest shall be payable on any outstanding amounts due to CSP at a maximal rate, allowed by the law, at the date that the Patient’s account has been raised until the date of final payment, irrespective of whether the account was submitted to the Patient’s Medical Aid Fund timeously or not.
  10. The Patient has familiarized himself/herself with his/her Medical Aid benefits and limits in respect of physiotherapy treatments.
  11. The Patient shall be liable to CSP for all legal expenses including collection costs and legal fees on an attorney-client scale in the event of CSP incurring any legal expenses as a result of Patient’s non-payment.
  12. The Patient agrees that CSP shall not be obligated to furnish security in terms of Rule 62 of the Rules of the Magistrate’s Court in the event of instituting action against the CSP arising out of this agreement.
  13. The Patient agrees that any relaxation of CSP’s rights in terms of any indulgence whatsoever by CSP shall not affect the provision of this agreement or any of the rights of CSP in terms hereof. No such an indulgence shall constitute a waiver by the CSP in respect of any of CSP’s rights herein.
  14. For all legal purposes, this agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded in Pretoria.
  15. The Patient chooses his/her home address set out; at which address all notices and legal proceedings in respect of this agreement or in relation to any action arising hereunder may be effectually delivered and served on the Patient. The Patient may change his/her address from time to time by advising CSP in writing of such change.
  16. This agreement shall become binding on the parties as at the date of treatment by CSP of the Patient.
  17. The Patient’s outstanding account shall become due and payable immediately in the event of the insolvency of the Patient, or if the Patient commits insolvency.
  18. CSP shall be entitled to cede or pledge its interests herein or to trade therewith at its own discretion without the consent of the Patient. It may also in rem suam discharge or release any security partly or in full without the consent of the Patient or consent to any alteration, release, relaxation or postponement of the terms hereof and such actions shall not be binding on CSP in any may whatsoever unless it has indicated that such action shall be binding.
  19. The patient agrees that no act of relaxation, indulgence or grace on the part of the Creditor shall in any way operate as, or be deemed to be a waiver by CSP on any of CSP’s rights under this agreement.
  20. Any certification issued under the signature of CSP or its duly authorized agents that purports to certify the amount due hereunder shall be accepted as prima facie proof of such indebtedness and shall have sufficient probative value to enable CSP to obtain summary judgement or provisional sentence against the Patient in any competent court for the amount stated in such certificate, and the Patient accepts the onus of disapproving the amount so stated as not being the amount owing.
  21. The patient agrees that no agreement purporting to vary any of the terms and conditions hereof shall be any force and effect, unless such agreement is in writing and signed by a representative of CSP or its Attorney and the Patient.
  22. Should legal action be instituted against the Patient by CSP in terms of his/her outstanding account with CSP, the Patient verifies that he/she is aware of the provisions contained in Section 129 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. Namely, that he/ she may refer a Credit Agreement of this matter to a debt counsellor, alternative dispute resolution agent, consumer court or ombudsman with a jurisdiction herein, should the Patient have the intent to resolve by way of Agreement between the Parties in order to bring the payment in terms of this Agreement for services rendered by CSP up to date.
  23. The patient hereby expressly renounces the benefits of the non causadebiti, the errore calculi, the revision of accounts, no value recorded and if there is more than one patient/debtor, the de duobusvel pluribus reisdebendi or rdinisseuexcussionis et divisionis.
  24. In the event that a business is liable to pay the account of CSP, the Patient binds himself/ herself as surely in favour of CSP in respect of the due performance due by such business in obligation to repay CSP.
  25. Please contact our account department for special agreements regarding payments.
    1. The patient will receive a statement from CSP’s account department on a monthly basis and the Patient agrees to settle his/her account with CSP in full at the end of each month. Payments to CSP can be made in cash, by cheque, internet bank transfers or credit card.
    2. Interest will be payable by the Patient after 30 days to CSP of the electronic submission of the Patient’s claim to the Medical Aid.
    3. Please contact CSP’s account department for special arrangements regarding payments.
    4. The Patient gives consent for the removal of any clothing necessary for effective treatment by CSP representative
    5. The Patients gives consent for personal details and account to be faxed/e-mailed to the Medical Aid Funds and Attorneys.
    6. The Patient gives understanding that the physiotherapist as well as the format of treatment may change at any time necessary.

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