Zanel janse van Rensburg is a private practice manager at Well Health Pro. She’s serious, diligent and assertive. No problem too big or small, she calmly takes on a plan of action to solve the problem. Zanel takes great care of other people’s feelings, but runs this private physio practice with an iron fist. As a manager she can clearly communicate and calm your nerves. Zanel controls everything at our Issie Smuts practice in Garsfontein.

Zanel janse van Rensburg - Practice manager at Well Health Pro practice

My Story

Practice Manager – Zanel janse van Rensburg

I started my journey with Well Health Pro in 2020.

My experience is mostly in the field of healthcare. I am fascinated with the human mind, the body, and its capacity. While completing my Honours degree in Psychology, I worked as an Intern Counsellor at Tshwane Rehabilitation Hospital where most of the patients had suffered spinal or neurological injuries. I also have experience within the Medico-legal field.

One of passions involves how trauma affects the body, and have additional training in psychopharmacology and trauma informed practice. I’ve completed a Masters degree in Community Psychology. The practice’s culture of life-long learning, compassion and humility specifically resonates with who I am. My background, experience and interests, puts me in a unique position to build relationships,  understand, and respond to the needs of our patients and team members. 

Partner of the Well Health Pro team

From my position as manager in the practice, I don’t necessarily have details about patients’ specific conditions or treatment programs, but everything else goes through me. Hard work, progress, and a sense of pride and confidence at the end of every patient’s treatment. 

I’ve always believed in the value of relationships and connecting with people. How things work at Well Health Pro, demonstrates daily that relationships are as important as excellent clinical practice. Our highly-skilled, dynamic team of medical professionals offer a broad range of expertise to our patients. We intend for every person that comes into the practice, to flourish.  

This person-centered approach creates an atmosphere of hope and possibility. We strive to achieve the best possible outcome with our patients based on their specific concerns. 

I am proud to be part of a practice that cares about people and look forward to welcoming you to the Well Health Pro family!

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