Yolanda Gerber is a legend in her profession, and works as a truly skilled and experienced physiotherapist in one of the highest rated practices in South Africa. To clarify, she’s got years of expertise in diagnosing and treating all kinds of muscle, joint, ligament and nerve pain. She easily unravels a complex biomechanical problem and creates a plan of action to fix each component. It’s a truly wonderful and enlightening experience, no wonder she radiates joy when a sophisticated problem, such as chronic pain, enters through her door. As a Physio, Yolanda is soft-hearted and soft-spoken, but she’s markedly a fighter to the core. Relentless in her pursuit to understand your pain. From the vast interactions between tissue through to physiological cellular reactions.

Yolanda Gerber – Physiotherapist

Yolanda’s pure heart, humbleness and passion are in essence her greatest virtues. She is overall shy and reserved, which makes you feel comfortable in sharing your problems and history. Sometimes it will genuinely feel as if you’re visiting an old friend. She’s warm, service-oriented, and ultimately makes everyone feel welcome. Her arms are always open and she is always keen to take in more patients.

Yolanda can in fact always be relied upon for her kindness and ability to listen and resolve your problems. She’s truly cherished for her quality of character and quantity of insight. Yolanda is skilled at finding ways to challenge our ways of thinking, and is therefore admired by the ones she cares for.

“Mastermind and movement analyst”

Yolanda holds herself to very high values and principals. Even though she is sensitive, she has excellent analytical abilities and her people skills are well-developed, even though she’s reserved. She’s consistently going above and beyond, doing everything she can to exceed expectations and help others in need. She’s willing to do what’s right, even though we can suffer in her doing so. Her solutions are long-lasting, however few have the dedication to walk the road less traveled.

As a physio, Yolanda is a living legend that’s particularly proficient at diagnosing and treating all kinds of pain.

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Yolanda Gerber Physiotherapist & Medical professional at Well Health Pro

My Story

It is an absolute privilege to be able to work with people as their physiotherapist. To know that my patients trust me specifically with their pain, is an incredible honor. I simply cannot imagine doing anything else.

I chiefly made my career choice based on the fact that I find it wrong when people can’t continue with their daily lives, due to pain.

In high school I swam for the South African country team. I am lucky to say that I didn’t receive any injuries during my swimming gala days, but the same cannot necessarily be said for some of my team members. I quickly learned how depended people truly are when it comes to their sports, and how destructive an injury can be. It was amazing to see how a professionals help rehabilitated their injuries in such a way, that they could continue participating in the sports they love accordingly.

I believe that hard work consequently makes our daily lives meaningful. Thus I worked in earnest and successfully graduated at the University of the Free States in 2002 with my Bsc Physiotherapy degree. In the years thereafter, I completed my Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) Post-Graduate course.

Meanwhile I have developed a passion for movement, and the methods of integrating efficient movement patterns into daily activities. I evaluate and treat my patients according to their specific needs, because I respect everyone’s individuality. An extremely valuable part about Cilliers & Swart treatments is explicitly connected to the patients knowledge about their bodies. Thus educating and creating set goals keep the communication levels on a mutual and beneficial path, between my patient and I.

Partner at Well Health Pro

As a physio, Yolanda Gerber is a proud partner of this cozy little practice, situated in Pretoria east. Our practice is one of the best and highly rated practice’s in Pretoria, which has presently grown into two practices that employs skilled and experienced physiotherapists. Alongside our colleagues, we are equipped to deal with any challenges that walk through our doors. Our experts especially complement each other when considering the different fields in which we have special interests, from spinal problems, to chronic pain. As a Physio Yolanda specifically prefers spending time to get to know her patients better, in order to truly get to the core of their problem.

We treat every patient like they’re our family. Prevention of recurrence is as big a part of treatment as curing the problem. This is one of the many reasons why everyone enjoys the approach followed by Well Health Pro.

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Yolanda as Master of Biomechanical movement problems

What my clients say about me

I am really impressed with the quality of service you provide during treatment. Great experience from the reception and obviously Yolanda as well. In short, keep up the good work team.

S Morema

A truly wonderful experience!! Yolanda examined and explained everything in such a way that I understood it perfectly. The corrections suggested and made have definitely helped in a big way. The heavenly coffee was and is altogether a nice touch. Loved it.

Jermaine Marillier

Excellent service! From the reception and especially straight through to the actual session. Five stars for sure!


Ek het ongelooflike diens en ondersteuning gekry by die onderneming. Nina, wat my gehelp het, het baie kennis in haar veld, en het reg gekry om ‘n langdurige probleem op te los. Beide die tyd by haar en die oefeninge wat sy my gegee het vir die huis was uitstekend. Sy het my altyd gemaklik laat voel, my vrae geantwoord en by my opgevolg om seker te maak ek raak beter. Die ontvangs en ander personeel was ook altyd baie vriendelik en profesioneel. Ek sal hulle definitief aanbeveel.
Erika van Deventer
Erika van Deventer
Marlene and Karli adapted their schedules to accommodate my husband and I so that our appointments coincided. It eliminated a lot of traveling. Valuable advice was given in order to manage the pain on a daily basis. Exercises were adapted according to our needs. Our progress was monitored and clear explanations of our condition were given throughout the process.
Marine Van Straaten
Marine Van Straaten
Great advice from Marlene for my neck and back issue I recently developed. She was professional and extremely helpful with getting all healed up. Highly Recommended!
Bertus Janse van Rensburg
Bertus Janse van Rensburg
Very friendly and professional treatment received. They specialize in treating spinal problems. Will certainly go back for more treatment.
Hendrik Oosthuizen
Hendrik Oosthuizen
Professional service provided by Carli van Dyk. One gets the sense that she is sincerely concerned with your well being. Regular follow ups appreciated.
Lester Hartley
Lester Hartley
I was throughly satisfied with the treatment received and Yolanda more than exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much.
Sharon Castro Carballo
Sharon Castro Carballo
Knowledgeable and friendly, and really helped me to resolve a long standing, recurring injury. Highly reccomended!
Steyn Verster
Steyn Verster
Very professional, friendly and helpful service. I can recommend Marcel with great confidence. At last I have found someone who understands my chronic back condition, listens to his patients, and has great experience in treating me 'holistically.' He is highly knowledgeable, very experienced, uses 'common sense and goes the extra mile in monitoring his patients progress. I can relax knowing im in good hands, and my appointments have become my 'chill pill'. Thank you for making my visits such a comfortable experience.
Joan van Rensburg
Joan van Rensburg
Knowledgeable physio - good advice and excellent professional service.
Deborah Bonnin
Deborah Bonnin

Partners of Well Health Pro

I specifically joined this private physio practice to live out my passion. My special interest in general is treating patients that describe their conditions as ‘complicated’, ‘difficult’ or even ‘hopeless’. I’m here to reassure you – I’m here to make sense of it all and to uniquely guide you through it. Albeit pain is a loaded subject, but there’s so much we can still do.

As a physiotherapist, I’ve additionally got the skills to influence and change physiological reactions down to a cellular level. My experience in dealing with complex pathologies help me push it in the right direction furthermore. Start working on your pain today, or forever bear the burden.

Yolanda Gerber Physiotherapist at Well Health Pro
Yolanda Gerber Physiotherapist & Medical professional at Well Health Pro


“One day or day one. Your decision –

Start your healing before it’s too late.”

We’re a group of medical professionals that’s waiting for you, we’ve trained, improved and refined our skills to bring you world class treatment. Start your recovery today.

Educational History

  • University of the Free States: B SC Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)

Yolanda Gerber’s Physiotherapist Work Experience

Community Service Year:

  • ICU
  • Cardiothoracic
  • Orthopedic
  • Physio

Jacqueline Swart Physiotherapists. Privately employed physiotherapist frequently treating respiratory conditions. Additionally orthopaedics and sports injuries at a general out-patient practice.

Private Physiotherapy practice. Employed physiotherapist frequently treating respiratory conditions. Additionally orthopaedics and sports injuries and in general out-patient practice and a school-based practice