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Hip pain

The hip pain is complex & not many medical practitioners are able to pinpoint the main source of your hip pain. Put us to the challenge

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Lower Back Pain

Causes of Lower back pain treatment: muscle, joint, nerve, disc, tendon. Physiotherapist look at the symptoms, types of pain. Some lower back pain causes you need to know. When scans are necessary and how to prevent lower back injuries.

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Groin Pain

Causes of groin pain in the inner thigh and pelvis, symptoms and exercises that can prevent groin injuries. Distinguish between types of groin pain.

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Sports Physiotherapist Pretoria East

Sports injury Physiotherapist are professional medical practitioners that use treatment techniques and machines to help your body heal. We can help you recover faster. Sports Physiotherapists are specialized in the field of Sports injuries. We are considered experts in the field of physiologically enhancing the normal healing of tissue.

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Quadriceps tendinitis

A Quadriceps Tendinitis or Tendinopathy: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Physiotherapy treatment and why it heals so slow. Tendinitis of the Quadriceps tendon is a condition when the thigh muscles’s tendon become inflamed and irritated. The quadriceps muscles are four large muscles in the front of the thigh just above the knee cap.

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