Sports Injuries

Athletes cannot afford to spend “time off” from their sporting code, nor “rest” it for a few days. This is where we help & guide you to stay training while we get rid of your pain. We are able to explain and make you understand what is happening inside your body. This is what we train for, this is what we know, we are experts at understanding the interactions between the tissues in your body.

Sports injuries are very common, and in most cases not very bad, the bigger problem we deal with is patients that wait too long after the injury, because by then so many compensation has kicked in & it’s difficult to determine the root problem. This just delays your recovery time.

If you are suspecting an injury or still scared of getting back onto the field, rather let us have a look and at least tell you what we find, you decide how you want to deal with it. Is your sports injuries still keeping you up at night? Well, it’s our job to solve your problem and get to the cause of your problem. Our Sports Physios stay up at night researching your injury to provide the best possible treatment for you. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Sports Physiotherapist

Sports Physiotherapists are specialized in the field of Sports injuries. We are considered experts in the field of injury diagnosis, prevention and treatment. We can help you recover faster. Sports Physiotherapists are professional medical practitioners that use treatment techniques and machines to help your body heal.

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