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Each person’s case is unique and we want to address your specific needs. If you would like us to investigate or provide some insight, we invite you to. If you cannot get through to us immediately, we will give you a call back as soon as possible.


Windsor Road – PTA

Issie Smuts Road – PTA

Fourways – JHB

If our line is down, please send us a WhatsApp and we’ll call you back.

Business Hours

  • Monday – Friday 7am to 6pm

  • Saturdays: Emergencies only

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If you prefer to see us at a specific practice location, please mention it to Corlene, McKay, Zanlé, or Zanel when making your booking.

Our Physiotherapists

Jaco          083 296 7692
Renier       079 736 8465
Carli          083 506 2565 
Nina          072 927 3027 
Marlene    064 541 7112 
Yolanda    076 206 9637 
Daniel        078 292 4641 
Umr            078 534 5226 

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