Neck pain

The symptoms of neck pain often overlap. Our Physios explain neck muscle pain & stiffness, sharp stabbing neck pain when you turn your head. To find the culprit causing the pain we have to look at the different structures in the neck: Muscle, nerve, joints

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Neck Muscle Spasm

Neck muscle spasm is a symptom of either protective guarding or sustained muscle tension, that can fatigue the muscles in your neck. A Neck muscle spasm is usually an underlining cause of something else. Neck pain can be caused by a wide variety of pathology (injury to the tissue) of the different muscle layers in your neck, some more serious than other. Ask your Physio to help you understand why your neck muscles are going haywire.

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A Whiplash injury is a collection of problems that we can expect to find when dealing with a forwards & backwards or sideways jerk of your neck.

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Pinched Nerve in Neck

Suffering from a Pinched nerve in your neck? Nerves can become trapped as they run our the spine to your arms. Trapped neck nerves can become pinched between muscles, vertebrae, ligaments, discs and much more. Ask our Physios to help guide you get the pinched nerve free.

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