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I have been helping people with problems similar to yours for years. I want you to enjoy your hobbies, and the mundane everyday things, without pain. I'd love for you to be healthy and active every day of your life. I believe there is enough suffering in the world from things we cannot control, let me help you control the suffering we can. We follow a holistic approach at Well Health Pro to help you get back to the things you love. Give us a call to find out how we can help you.

Headache Treatment

Headache causes, the difference between the types of headache. Tension, Migraine, and stress headache. Know where your headaches are coming from. Headache Physio treatment

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Pinched Nerve in Neck

Suffering from a Pinched nerve in your neck? Nerves can become trapped as they run our the spine to your arms. Trapped neck nerves can become pinched between muscles, vertebrae, ligaments, discs and much more. Ask our Physios to help guide you get the pinched nerve free.

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Concussion is the under diagnosed brain injury. EVERY Concussion is serious because the nerves in your brain are injured.

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Sciatica Hip Pain

Sciatica is a Symptom of nerve pain which basically means there is injury, compression or irritation on the Sciatic branch of nerves of the hip. Sciatica hip pain can be due to the Pirriformis, Hamstrings or referral from the nerves exiting in the lower back. We are able to test the nerves in your hip to find the cause

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