It is only recently that medical professionals are allowed to consult online. The value of an expert’s quick opinion is underestimated. Our physiotherapist consult with patients across the world in remote areas that don’t have an expert around the corner.

When you take your car in for a service and telling the mechanic it makes a funny sound, it doesn’t take the mechanic long to figure out what the problem might be. Further investigation confirms or expands his search for the root cause. Similarly, it’s necessary to get an experts opinion on your problem. They can direct your thoughts and walk through the problem using clinical reasoning. Some movements and stress tests helps us distinguish between different structures.

We’ve trained extensively and have a whole scope of pathological causes of pain. Consulting a physiotherapist online can put your mind at ease and guide you through recovery. Get an experts advice – it can save you time and a lot of pain.

The Health Professionals Council of South Africa allows practitioners to consult their patients online. Just like that strange mole on your skin that needs to be checked by a dermatologist, it can take seconds for an expert to diagnose the problem because we’ve seen it so many times before. We know the process, and know what helps.

How it works



All Consultations will be booked for hour sessions

Step 1

Make your appointment

Call, email or message us and request an online consultation

Step 2

Consent & Details

Now we’ll send you a permission form and some personal details we are required to capture

Step 3


Direct payment via a payment link will be sent to your email to deposit the consultation fee.

Unfortunately Medical aid has not come to the table at this time and we can’t guarantee that your medical aid will reimburse you

Step 4


An administrator will contact you when payment is received.

Our online consult and time slot will be confirmed.

You’d have to accept the invitation at least 2 hours before the consult

Step 5

Link up

Practitioners will send you a link via email to join (Clicking on the link will automatically link you to the practitioner no downloads required)

Step 6

Leave the leg work to us

We’ll take it from there and introduce ourselves, and how the session will proceed

Sit back, relax and be amazed how much we are able to assist guide and explain your problem

Online Treatment Program


Our Physios schedule one hour sessions to give enough time to cover the assessment, diagnosis and treatment.


Our Physio will ask you to explain your problem in as much detail as possible. After you’ve explained your problem, we’ll ask you few more details to clarify so we can get a better understanding of what you’re experiencing. We’ll repeat this process until we have limited the possibilities of your diagnosis to 3.


We’ll discuss previous Scans, MRI, sonars that may help exclude other structures involved. We’ll talk through the results and explain each word to ensure we take all the information you have at your disposal into consideration.

Screening & Testing

Now we’ll ask you to perform a set of movements or actions and ask you to report back what you’re experiencing whether it be pain, stiffness, pressure or numb – we want to know. Our clinical minds will interpret the data from these test and guide our thoughts to the cause of your pain and more importantly the extent of the damage to your tissue.


  • This is a very time consuming stage and may take a while to make sure you perform the actions correctly while we analyze. (Some patients seem to think we just need to look at it to know what’s wrong – Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that)
  • With these screening & movement test we are accurately able to pinpoint the problem.

Knowledge Sharing

Now we have clear picture of what we’re dealing with. We’ll explain our findings and give you our professional opinion on what’s the process going forward, recovery time, expected goals and milestones you aught to achieve. Online media such as links, videos, images – is a powerful tools to give you a better understanding of what you’re dealing with and the extent, severity and nature of your problem.

Treatment & Avice

Your Physiotherpist will guide you through the whole process, no need to worry. At this stage we are able to provide you with sound advice how to manage the pain depending on your diagnosis and stage of healing. Even remotely we’re able to tel you what you should and shouldn’t do along this all the factors that may be making your pain worse. Our role as medical practitioner is to apply our knowledge to your circumstances. Together, we can ensure optimal healing.

Exercises, Stretches or Rest

What’s best for your condition? Some may need exercises, stretches, dynamic mobilization and other may need to take it easy for a few days after a flare-up. So it depends on what stage of healing and recovery you are. i.e. 2 Patients with a Total knee replacement (same diagnosis) – one is 6 weeks after operation, the other day 6… One can start walking flights of stairs and the other can barely walk with crutches. Same problem, different phase of recovery. Self-tests play a crucial role for you to monitor you progress. Each person will vary and we’d like to challenge you on your capacity. There are no recipes here. Exercise programs are goal driven to help you get to the next level.

Follow up

We’ll have to monitor your progress, to ensure you are achieving the goals? Usually we’ll schedule a call in 1 week, to check in on your progress and answer any of your questions. Some conditions resolve over 6-8 weeks, but others may require more frequent check-ups. We’ll discuss and elaborate on your rehabilitation or give you new guidelines to follow. Healing is a process… and we are here to guide you through it.

Are you still suffering from pain or waiting for surgery? Don’t let pain influence you to become frustrated and moody. “I’m in agony and this pain is driving me up the walls!” We understand you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, so we’d like to reach out and help you.

You need relief, and we know what to do.

Even if you’re going to end up on the surgical table, there’s no reason why you should be suffering in the meantime. Who knows what’s going to happen in the next few weeks or even months? However, if we’re able to get your pain down to a more manageable level, you’ll at least enjoy this downtime a little bit more.

Specialists and hospitals may take months before they open up time in their schedules to discuss non-lifethreatening cases. Are you going to suffer in silence, alone at home? It’s not necessary. Our Physiotherapists are caring and won’t cause you any more pain. We want to help you.

Our Physiotherapists are expert medical professionals who understand your pain. Our treatment offers a wide range of new tech machines and technologies that work on a cellular level to relieve pain.  We’re not selling you a miracle cure – just some relief from the agony you’re already in.

Are you scared, or the anticipation of the long wait is eating at you? You should consider acting sooner rather than later – act now. Speak to one of our Physios and be amazed.