The HPCSA has allowed practitioners to consult their patients in the form of online consultations.

There are however a few rules and regulations regarding these consultations

How it works

Online Treatment Program

Are you still suffering form pain or waiting for surgery? Don’t let pain get you frustrated & moody. “I’m in agony and this pain is driving me up the walls!” We understand you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, so we’d like to reach out and help you.

You need relief, and we know what to do.

Even if you’re going to end up on the surgical table, there’s no reason why you should be suffering in the meantime. How knows what’s going to happen in the next few weeks or even months? However, if we’re able to get your pain down to a more manageable level, you’d at least enjoy this downtime a little bit more.

Specialist & Hospitals may take months before they open up for non-lifethreatening cases like yours. Are you going to suffer in silence, alone at home? It’s not necessary. Our Physiotherapists are caring and won’t cause you any more pain. We want to help you.

Our Physiotherapists are expert medical professionals that understands your pain. Our treatment offers a wide range of new tech machines and gadgets that works on a cellular level to relieve pain.  We’re not selling you a miracle cure – just some relief from the agony you’re already in.

Are you scared, or the anticipation of the long wait is eating at you? You should consider acting now, sooner rather than later. Speak to one of your Physios and be amazed.