Head injuries can be caused by damage done to the muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones or joints. Our articles explaining the different types of structures and how they can produce different types of pain. Headaches are a loaded topic and there’s much to be understood.

Most injuries don’t happen in isolation. In most cases there are two or three structures at the root of the problem. To illustrate an example: If you are suffering from whiplash, we expect 2 joint injuries, and involving injuries to 4 muscles, as well as 6 tendon injuries.

When diagnosing patient problems, we determine the main area that has been damaged and focus our treatment on that. The general progression of problems stem from these underlying structures (generally in this order): 1) Nerves  2) Bones  3) Joints  4) Discs  5) Ligaments  6) Tendons  7) Muscles

Head injuries

Head injuries

A concussion is the most under diagnosed injury in sports – mainly because athletes want to stay on the field, which tends for it to go unreported. Concussion is defined as “a mild traumatic brain injury caused by biomechanical force”. Perhaps if we all referred to it as a “mild traumatic brain injury” it would be taken more seriously. The after effects of a concussion is enough to encourage anyone to rather have it looked at, than hoping for the best.


Aching, throbbing, even sharp, shooting pain in your head limits your ability to concentrate. This leads to small irritations or big mistakes. Headaches also affect your mood and patience. Read this article to discover why you are suffering from headaches that can be relieved with physiotherapy treatment. Cluster headaches, tension type headaches, migraines and cervicogenic headaches are all treatable with physiotherapy.

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