Madeleen Klopper is the financial gatekeeper and claim mastermind that understands how the system works. She’s kind in her approach, but determined to ensure the end goal. Madeleen is relentless, calling medical aids and following up on patient accounts. Unlike a loan shark, dealing with patient debt and accounts requires a special approach. She uses her finesse and compassion to deal with “the difficult questions” and offers leniency when it’s needed.

Her pursuit is unforgiving and persistent. She confronts each problem with dedication and veracity. She holds a firm hand over the health of the business, making sure our practitioners can help a few more people. Because Madeleen’s core value is to make the world a better place for all of us.

Madeleen strives to do what’s right – and she want to help create a world where others do the right thing as well.

Madeleen Klopper Specialist Billing Services

Madeleen Klopper – Physio Billing Accounts manager

I joined the Well Health Pro team early 2018, shortly after the practice expanded.

My main purpose is to manage billing and patient accounts and to assist with the practice’s behind the scene’s running and decision making.

Before finding my roots at Well Health Pro, I used to work at a specialist billing bureau and before that at Discovery Medical Aid.

My previous working experience made me realize how much I truly enjoy finding the perfect balance between; interacting with our patients and putting their friendly faces to the account numbers. However, I’m the iron fist that ensures we are able to continue helping more people and ensuring the survival of the business.

It is frankly a breath of fresh air to work with this dynamic group of passionate and innovative people. We all share a similar goal when it comes to being committed towards delivering the best possible service.

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