Madeleen Klopper Specialist Billing Services

My Story

I joined the Cilliers & Swart team early 2018, shortly after the practice expanded.

My main purpose was to take over the billing and accounts, that were out-sourced at the time, and to assist with the practice’s day to day (behind the scene’s) running.

Before finding my roots at Cilliers & Swart, I used to work at a specialist billing bureau and before that at Discovery Medical Aid.

My previous working experience made me realize how much I truly enjoy finding the perfect balance between; interacting with our patients and putting their friendly faces to the account numbers. I take delight in meeting our new patients, because each person goes through a wide variety of different experiences, which ultimately expands my limited horizons.

I have always been passionate about all the different kind of sports, and constantly value the source of entertainment.
Personally, I believe being generally active in life is incredibly fulfilling in the long term, and is an important health decision.
Juggling work and family recently, unfortunately, left me with limited time on my hands, although I still enjoy running, wall climbing and playing games in the backyard with my kids.

Even though I am not a physiotherapist, and most of my anatomical knowledge is based from Grey’s Anatomy’s 16 seasons (just kidding… Or am I?), does not change the fact that I have always been intrigued by the human body and its functions.

The role of a physiotherapist when it comes to helping people is always fascinating. Whether you need to: recover from an injury, manage a chronic condition, relieve stress related back and neck pains or to treat a, once in a blue moon, freak accident, (you know those hippo moments…) then a physiotherapist will most probably provide you with the help you need!

It is frankly a breath of fresh air to work with this dynamic group of passionate and innovative people. We all share a similar goal when it comes to being committed towards delivering the best possible service imaginable.