Marlene Koen is a veteran physiotherapist with years of experience in treating complex muscle, joint and nerve conditions. Above all, she’s energetic, motivating, calming, and a genius at getting to the root cause. As a physio, Marlene is skilled at finding practical solutions and she remembers the small details of the things you mention – which in addition makes her an excellent confidant and counselor. Meticulous, hard working and dedication is some of Marlene’s finest qualities. She’s enthusiastic about helping patients and finds it genuinely fulfilling.

Marlene Koen – Physiotherapist

Marlene thrives on harmony. For instance, She enjoys making sure that those who are close to her are well cared for. Her kindness grows into joy and is only found when taking care of her patients. She creates a comfortable environment at work, where her natural flow shows kindness and dedication. Similarly, this builds a foundation for stronger bonds and allows her to connect on a deeper emotional level. Her loyalty is unwavering and her devotion is relentless.

“Supportive, Reliable, Patient and Enthusiastic”

She especially values stability and surety, and this makes her an extremely loyal and trustworthy physio. Marlene is certainly a universal helper and shares her physio knowledge, experience, time, and energy with anyone who needs it. She strives for win-win situations and chooses empathy over judgment. Marlene rarely rushes into a solution, but rather meticulously and carefully considers all the possibilities before she approaches. She’ll spend hours researching, reflecting, and contemplating solutions to a pathological problem. A very critical thinker and has particularly high expectations for herself. In conclusion, her strong sense of duty and perfectionism, combined with her expertise henceforth makes her a master in her skillset and as a physiotherapist.

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Marlene Koen Physiotherapist at Well Health Pro

My Story

As a child, I unknowingly began my Physiotherapy journey when I started “treating” my grandfather’s knees. In reality, and at this stage, I couldn’t even say the word physiotherapy. Be that as it may, I still knew that I would like to help others get rid of their body ailments.

Inevitably and without delay I enrolled in, and completed, my B. Sc Physiotherapy degree at the University of the Free State in 2009. After that, and with the aim to treat my patients to the very best of my abilities, I further completed post-graduate courses in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT 2012) and Sports Physiotherapy (SPT 2014).

Since I joined the workforce, I realized how much I truly enjoy some of the more unique and puzzling cases that are considered different from the norm. Finding the cause of a perplexing problem and adapting treatment and rehabilitation accordingly, brings me an incredible amount of joy. Naturally, there is no such thing as a normal physio case, therefore each problem has a different history and a huge variety of contributing factors.

I believe that knowledge is power, moreover, if a patient truly understands the root cause of their pain, then we, as physiotherapists, can further teach them how to manage the problem. At times, pain can take away your sense of independence and make you feel powerless. Thus this motivates a therapist’s main goal: to restore the belief that pain does not control you.

Partners of Well Health Pro

Well Health Pro is a group of medical professionals that understand how the human body works and recovers from pain. It is important to realize that our practice is situated in Pretoria East and is one of the highest-rated practices in South Africa, when it comes to injury management. Moreover, this group of experts employs skilled and experienced physios, like Marlene. Together we are certainly equipped to deal with any challenges that walk through our doors and we notably complement each other. The physio’s are not only interested in different fields but they also cover all the bases for a well put together practice.

Due to Well Health Pro‘s passionate and result-driven approach in treating patients, Marlene Koen joined the team. We treat every patient like they’re our family.

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Marlene as a Biomechanical Expert

Renier Cilliers and Jaco Swart are the proud owners of this physiotherapy practice, situated in Pretoria East. Our practice is a highly rated practice in Pretoria East, which has grown into two practices that employs skilled and experienced physiotherapists. Another key point is that we we are equipped to deal with any challenges that walk through our doors. For this reason you we all have different fields in which we have special interests, from spinal problems to chronic pain and even vestibular rehabilitation, we complement each other.

In fact, I joined Well Health Pro because of their passionate and results-driven approach to their patients. With this intention we aim to treat every patient like they’re our family. Additionally I invite you to give me a call and put us to the challenge.

Marlene Koen Physiotherapist & Medical professional at Well Health Pro


“Are you moving poorly because you’re in pain?

Or are you in pain because you’re moving poorly.”

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What my clients say about me

Marlene is fantastic! Extremely thorough and great at what she does and is definitely the best physio I’ve been to, ever! Whenever I get injured again, I know exactly who I’m seeing! In conclusion, You will definitely be in great hands!

Dorianne Tharratt

Ultimately the BEST practice in town because of their friendly, compassionate and professional staff, from the receptionist through to the physios. To clarify – THANK YOU!

Embrencia Snyman

I have in fact been living with an injury for years, and can finally see improvement since I started working with Marlene. As a result to her hard work, I really appreciate her help and would obviously highly recommend her as the best in town.

K Seanego

Ek het ongelooflike diens en ondersteuning gekry by die onderneming. Nina, wat my gehelp het, het baie kennis in haar veld, en het reg gekry om ‘n langdurige probleem op te los. Beide die tyd by haar en die oefeninge wat sy my gegee het vir die huis was uitstekend. Sy het my altyd gemaklik laat voel, my vrae geantwoord en by my opgevolg om seker te maak ek raak beter. Die ontvangs en ander personeel was ook altyd baie vriendelik en profesioneel. Ek sal hulle definitief aanbeveel.
Erika van Deventer
Erika van Deventer
Marlene and Karli adapted their schedules to accommodate my husband and I so that our appointments coincided. It eliminated a lot of traveling. Valuable advice was given in order to manage the pain on a daily basis. Exercises were adapted according to our needs. Our progress was monitored and clear explanations of our condition were given throughout the process.
Marine Van Straaten
Marine Van Straaten
Great advice from Marlene for my neck and back issue I recently developed. She was professional and extremely helpful with getting all healed up. Highly Recommended!
Bertus Janse van Rensburg
Bertus Janse van Rensburg
Very friendly and professional treatment received. They specialize in treating spinal problems. Will certainly go back for more treatment.
Hendrik Oosthuizen
Hendrik Oosthuizen
Professional service provided by Carli van Dyk. One gets the sense that she is sincerely concerned with your well being. Regular follow ups appreciated.
Lester Hartley
Lester Hartley
I was throughly satisfied with the treatment received and Yolanda more than exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much.
Sharon Castro Carballo
Sharon Castro Carballo
Knowledgeable and friendly, and really helped me to resolve a long standing, recurring injury. Highly reccomended!
Steyn Verster
Steyn Verster
Very professional, friendly and helpful service. I can recommend Marcel with great confidence. At last I have found someone who understands my chronic back condition, listens to his patients, and has great experience in treating me 'holistically.' He is highly knowledgeable, very experienced, uses 'common sense and goes the extra mile in monitoring his patients progress. I can relax knowing im in good hands, and my appointments have become my 'chill pill'. Thank you for making my visits such a comfortable experience.
Joan van Rensburg
Joan van Rensburg
Knowledgeable physio - good advice and excellent professional service.
Deborah Bonnin
Deborah Bonnin

Educational History

B.Sc Genetics (2008); B.Sc Physiotherapy (2009) – As a result, Marlene Koen completed her studies and became a Physiotherapist in Bloemfontein.

Marlene Koen accordingly completed her sub specialization Course (2012) as Physiotherapist in OMT.

Now that Marlene Koen completed her sub specialization as Physiotherapist in Lynotherapy (2013), visit the practice for a consultation.

Next Marlene Koen completed her sub specialization as a Sport Physiotherapist called SPT1 in (2014)

In the years following her undergraduate training, Marlene Koen attended various courses in the application of dry needling and strapping.

Marlene completed the updated Lyno Method course in 2021.

Work Experience

Community Service working in hospital and clinics

Privately employed physiotherapist working with in-hospital and out of hospital patients

Privately employed physiotherapist working with orthopaedics, sports injuries alongside respiratory conditions

Locum physiotherapist occasionally treating orthopaedic injuries (including post-operative cases) and sports injuries such as tennis, running, cricket esc.

Privately employed physiotherapist frequently treating respiratory conditions, orthopaedics and sports injuries at a general out-patient practice and a school-based practice