Jaco Swart is an experienced Physiotherapist, director and the leader of this private physio practice in Pretoria. He radiates confidence and navigates the challenges and steps of a much bigger plan. He’s known for examining every angle of a problem and not just resolving momentary crises. He’s driven, determined and damn great at solving problems. His sharp mind focused on physiology, anatomy and pathology makes him an unstoppable force. Jaco is a master strategic thinker.

Physiotherapist – Jaco Swart

If there’s anything Jaco loves, it’s a good challenge, big or small, and he firmly believes that given enough time and resources, he can achieve any goal. He’s able to hold a long-term focus while executing each step of his plans with determination and precision makes him a powerful practitioner. He pushes his goals through with sheer willpower where others might give up and move on, achieving spectacular results in the process. Always eager to prove that nothing is impossible with a little hard work.

“A true powerhouse of knowledge”

Jaco acts with precision and quality. He’s energetic and radiates efficiency while boosting your confidence.  Jaco genuinely enjoys research and learning underpinned by a passion for logical, far-reaching ideas and critical debate. He loves to brainstorm and theorize, and his ability to simply get things done is unrivaled. He holds himself to very high standards. He’s truly a leader and inspiration to all physiotherapists.

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Jaco Swart Bio

My Story

As a young active athlete, I had first-hand experience in physiotherapy. I unfortunately always felt some things were missing with my treatments, although it regularly helped me return to competitions as a competitor. Did this physiotherapist understand what I needed for my sport? Has the therapist gone through similar motions before? I then realized that there was a lack in requirement when it came to combative and collision sports.  Could my injuries have been prevented, if they knew my sports better? This led me to the University of Pretoria, where I completed my degree summa cum laude. I was determined to bring my sporting experience and biomechanical approach to the patients I treat.

I’m always astonished by the human body’s ability to adapt when pain changes the natural movement patterns. I share the knowledge and expertise I gained through years of experience, with high-level sport, at the HPC (High-Performance Center). My approach is neuromuscular and biomechanical, which means that I treat the root of the problem after making a thorough analysis. In other words, I  enjoy treating a patient’s chronic long-term pain who have been especially unsuccessful with other therapies. The goal of my treatment is ultimately: “To prevent injury and disability at all costs.”




Sport Participation and Post Graduate

I’ve participated in many sporting codes, but my passion has always been in combat sports. I have a third-degree black belt in Ring Contact Fighting Art as well as a first-degree black belt in JKA Karate. My pastimes include boxing, kickboxing (welterweight titleholder), Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). My training has included Cross-fit, Pilates and Yoga.  This gave me a valuable understanding of the relationship between flexibility and strength. Personally, I am pro-strength training and feel disappointed when patients are told to stop resistance training due to other medical professionals poor understanding of strength training.

I have been a lecturer at the University of Pretoria and have done my postgraduate course to sub-specialize in Sports Medicine (SPT1). In 2016 I completed an LLB (Bachelors of Laws) and can always be found on a new academic endeavor to improve myself even further. I love traveling with sport teams around the country and have previously toured with SASCOC national athletes. My work includes treating sport icons and Olympic athletes, but my passion for providing a high level of physiotherapy service, has brought me into private practice. If you have a challenging biomechanical problem, then there is a good chance that you will end up seeing me. If you are on the verge of giving up on yourself – consult with me and let’s change that.

Renier and I established the practice in 2012 with one main aim: Raising the bar by thorough diagnosis, skillful treatment and addressing the initial cause of the problem.

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Sport physiotherapists are focused on biomechanical and structural rehabilitation. With targeted goals to maximize your functional movement so that you can return to normal daily activities. And Jaco is excellent at it. Therefore, this type of physiotherapy is most commonly used to address accidental injuries, sports injuries and resolving physical impairment due to lifestyle and ageing.

Our physiotherapist will focus on the body’s main structures of bone, muscle, ligaments and tendons along with the connected systems of the heart, circulation and lungs. Exercise plans and advice are routinely given following the treatment, and the number of treatments will vary depending on the patient’s progress in recovery.

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What my clients say about me

Professional, kind and diligent. Happy to have found this place. Jaco is highly recommended.

W Janse van Rensburg

I had an operation & had no idea what the surgeon did, Jaco explained everything in detail, I am impressed! I have never met such an intelligent forward thinking man. Keep up the good work.

H Smit

I feel like a new person and after 24 hours I almost have no pain! You rock Jaco!!

A Sherman

I refer all my national athletes to Jaco, he sorts them out fast. No matter what the problem tight be: hamstring tears, Achilles tendonopathy, stress fractures or scoliosis. His rehab keeps the athletes on the field, pushing performance at all costs.

N Cornelius

I had lower back pain, so bad I couldn’t stand up straight. After the first treatment I could walk upright with a little discomfort and by the 2nd week I could return to my training for comrades. Didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect such a fast recovery. Jaco is a brilliant physio – can’t thank him enough.

R Naude

Jaco as part of the Team at Well Health Pro

Our practices are fully equipped with the newest technologies and treatment rooms to allow our experienced physiotherapists to treat all musculoskeletal conditions. Above all, our patients will be assessed to identify the cause of their condition so that the treatment can be targeted, appropriate and effective.

Renier Cilliers and I run our home-based practices in Garsfontein, Pretoria-east. We complement each other, considering the fields in which we have expertise. Both Renier and I pride ourselves in giving a high level of service and have developed a reputation for getting results where others have given up.

Jaco Swart Physiotherapist at Well Health Pro
Jaco Swart Physiotherapist & Medical professional at Well Health Pro


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Jaco’s Physio interests & experience

Jaco Swart as a Physiotherapist has a particular interest in difficult and complex biomechanical problems. His knowledge of strength, resistance and final rehabilitation, allows for a focus on increased performance as part of his physiotherapy treatment. Jaco treats complicated and prolonged shoulder injuries back to high-level sports participation.

He has an interest in pain originating from your neck, shoulder down your arm, including shoulder blades, shoulder, upper arm, elbow and upper back injuries.

Treatment Choice:

  • Myofascial Release
  • Neural tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Deep Dry Needling
  • Lazer
Jaco Swart - Physiotherapist and medical professional at Well Health Pro
Jaco Swart Physiotherapist

Work Experience

  • Lecturer
  • Research and Development
  • Clinical supervisor
  • Examiner
  • Outpatient Dept consulting
  • ICU
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurological conditions
  • High care
  • Outpatient Department
  • Private Practice
  • High Performance Athletes (Olympic and National)
  • Physiotherapist biomechanical Screening
  • ICU
  • High care