Physiotherapists are human body mechanics. Similar to how you would service your car, we understand the way your body is put together and what is necessary for it to perform at its best. Our team of Physiotherapists are highly experienced at dealing with any type of pain, ache, niggle, stiffness, or weakness through a process of clinical reasoning. This process helps to establish the structure in your body that might be causing pain. So, come in for a service at any of our physiotherapist practices in Pretoria east.

Whether you are suffering from a pulled muscle, overloaded tendon, dislocated joint, sprained ligament or a pinched nerve – you just have to point where the pain is and we’ll investigate. We’ll talk you through our process of stressing and testing these muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints or nerves to get a clear picture of the problem. After testing, we explain to you our findings and give you a diagnosis.

After a physiotherapist makes a diagnosis, we can guide you through a process to restore your body’s tissue to normal. This can take the form of  injury treatment, exercises, modifying your activity, etc. – there are endless options how to treat a problem. We use the newest technologies (machines), techniques and research studies to give you the best possible treatment for your specific problem. Our physiotherapists are experts at dealing with complex and challenging cases.

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Physiotherapist’s Treatment Process

We schedule one hour sessions to give enough time to cover the assessment, diagnosis and treatment.


The physiotherapist will firstly ask you detailed questions about the pain, then we will perform tests and ask you more specifics about the pain and feedback what you feel during certain movements. We will touch, stress and move certain structures to test where the problem might be coming from.


During the assessment process we explain the results of the tests we are performing and facilitate an understanding of your diagnosis.

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We will then continue to treat the tissue according to what’s necessary for repair. Physiotherapist use their hands, machines, movements, and many other types of treatment to repair soft tissue. The physiotherapist will give you instructions to follow and warn you of dangers that might have caused the problem.

Patient Education

It is very important that you understand what is going on in your own body. We are here to guide you through the process of healing. Our patients are like family to us, be part of it.

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Sport Physiotherapist Pretoria

Our team of skilled and experienced Sports and Musculo-Skeletal (MSK) Physiotherapists are properly equipped to treat sports injuries whether it be a torn muscle, sprained ligament, slipped disc, fractured bone, we know how to help the healing and get you back to do the crazy things you do.

Jaco Swart has an extensive background coming from combative and contact sports as well as strength and conditioning, Renier Cilliers is from a classical and contemporary dance background and Carli van Dyk is a Yoga enthusiast that has a special interest in treating joint conditions. Nina Myburg trained extensively in chronic pain conditions, while Yolanda Gerber figures out complex biomechanical movement problems. Marcel Schmidt is a efficient and straight to the point German appoach to solving some of the most complex cases. Labarre Jansen van Vuuren is our in-house massage therapist. We all follow a holistic approach, and provide the most recent evidenced based treatments, techniques and advice.

Our two sports injury and Private Physiotherapy Practice, located in Garsfontein, in Pretoria East have developed an excellent reputation for providing effective treatment and advice for both sports and non-sports injuries, post- surgery and rehabilitation.

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