Marcel Schmidt is a master physiotherapist with more than 10 years of experience diagnosing and treating some of the most complex musculoskeletal conditions. He makes it look so easy. Marcel shines with confidence and pride – supported by his sea of knowledge. He explains physiological and anatomical interactions with finesse, so that any person can understand. As a Physio Marcel excels in his ability to diagnose and deal with a problem. Marcel really loves a good challenge.

Physiotherapist – Marcel Schmidt

Marcel is a strategic thinker and analyzes all the components before he starts working. He dissects problems and understands the relationship between each structure. His patience, utter precision and determination for reaching his goals are just shy of sheer brilliance. Where most practitioners would normally give up, Marcel keeps fighting with the problem to find the perfect solution. This is the work of a mastermind. The more complex, the greater the thrill.

“He accomplishes the most ambitious goals”

Marcel holds himself to the highest standards and genuinely enjoys a good intellectual challenge. Marcel is a natural born leader and uses his influence for good. His quality and precision is intimidating as an opponent, but you’ll be amazed by his abilities to navigate a problem as a team member.

Emotional sensitivity is not his strongest suit, he prefers to deal with facts instead. This makes him a brilliant diagnostician. Marcel trusts his abilities, and shares his opinions without a doubt. This, he hopes, stimulates a discussion or opportunity to explain his rationality. He’s open-minded and loves to get into pathological discussions about research and sound scientific principles. Marcel is an excellent physiotherapist and inspiration to all physios.

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My Story

My fascination with the human body and its anatomy and mechanics started at an incredibly early age. I knew that I wanted to be a physiotherapist after watching a world cup football match in 1986 and seeing what a therapist can do on the field to help a player and team. This led me to buy my first anatomy atlas and my lifelong journey in studying the human body began to take shape.

I started my academic journey in 1995 at the Sports Science Department of Stellenbosch University. Here, I was first introduced to the aspects of how the body can and should work in all situations, from daily activity through to elite sport levels. It also helped that we had to actually participate in all the sports and movements which we were analyzing and coaching, even though some of them were fairly challenging and downright scary.

This was a great introduction to my career as a physiotherapist, where I could combine my experience of normal movement with the study of how people with pain and dysfunction are moving. Knowing that we can help someone return to normal or pain free movements and being able to facilitate this, is the reason I’m in this line of work. I qualified with a B.Sc in Physiotherapy in 2001 and have since been working in private physio practice, both locally and abroad.

During the ensuing years I have had the privilege to work with a wide variety of patients. I have seen that every person seeking treatment has their own story and expectations of what they want to get out of therapy. This requires us to listen and work together to plan a tailor-made and specific approach to get the best outcomes.

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The approach at Well Health Pro is to make you feel apart of our family. We provide all of our patients with the highest quality diagnostic and treatment options that are available anywhere in the country. We are here to help with any musculoskeletal problems you may have, no matter how complex or (seemingly simple) it may be.

Here, I have the time to get to know you, and your problem, in detail. This allows me, as a physiotherapist, to design the best treatment plan, to get you to reach your goal quickly. I can draw on my experiences as a physiotherapist and sport scientist, together with a team of colleagues, to give you the quality of care you deserve, and have been looking forward to. Recovery and rehabilitation is not just in the short term, but a view to longer sustainability, as well as a prevention of recurrence, and is my focus in every session. Give us a call and come and see us for a truly comprehensive treatment experience.

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives”

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Marcel Schmidt Physiotherapist

Marcel Schmidt as a Sports Physiotherapist in Pretoria

Physiotherapists are specialists of physical medicine and have a unique role to play in healing and recovery. I am a strong proponent of hands-on therapeutic interventions. This is for various reasons, but primarily it comes down to 2 factors, namely: I can get a feel of the state the tissues are in and how they respond to my interventions and secondly, there is healing in touch as well as a trusting relationship that develops between patient and therapist.

However, being a manual therapist is not the only skill to have. I strongly believe that exercise therapy, movement dysfunction correction, as well as postural and lifestyle factors must also be addressed to get the best outcomes. This works well with my previous background in sport and exercise science, where I can look at all possible causative factors and assist you on the path to full recovery.

The combination of hands-on therapy, together with lifestyle modification and a strong emphasis on the correct exercise prescription, can be used for all patients. Whether the patient is a housewife, office worker, elite athlete or weekend warrior, acute injury or overuse strain. I look at how all the different tissue and systems work together and how to optimize them for the best recovery.

What my clients say about me

Saw Marcel after having months of physio at another practice with very little success. After just 3 sessions I am almost fully recovered. Very professional efficient and friendly

D Hughes

This practice and it’s physio – Marcel Schmidt – is sent from above. I don’t know what I would have done without your world class service. Thank you!


I have visited physios over the past 50 years and never before has anybody taken the time to explain to me and consult so thoroughly. Thank you Marcel Schmidt for your sterling service. I am glad that I found you.

M Ferreira

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“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it”

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Marcel’s Physio interests & experience

Marcel is a mastermind puzzle solver and a brilliant diagnostician. His special interest is in previously failed attempts at solving a problem. He ravels in the thrill of treating complex musculoskeletal conditions.

Physio Treatment Choice

  • Myofascial release
  • Manual spinal
  • Peripheral mobilization
  • Neural tissue mobilization
  • Exercise therapy
  • Laser

Education Background

  1. B.Sc Sport Science, Stellenbosch 1997
  2. B.Sc Physiotherapy, Stellenbosch 2001
  3. McKenzie
  4. McConnell
  5. Mulligan
  6. Rocobardo
  7. K Taping

Work Experience

Orthopeadic and sports physiotherapist practice. Marcel worked as a junior physiotherapist

  • Orthopeadics
  • Pediatrics
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

Started a new partnership and physio practice.

  • Orthopeadics
  • Pediatric

3 Private Practices with focus on orthopaedic rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy

  • Started a new clinic in Dubai with 5 physiotherapists.
  • Marcel was a Medical director and physiotherapist.
  • Physiotherapy practice in Dubai focusing on orthopaedics, sports and women’s health
  • Started a multi-specialty clinic in Dubai
  • Macel Schmidt acted as Medical director and physiotherapist
  • Dentistry, GP, Paediatrics, Dermatology and physiotherapists


Returning you to your normal daily activities in a comfortable and pain free manner is the reason why I love doing this work. I have seen many patients with conditions similar to yours return to a high level of functionality. I really believe that a physiotherapist should assist you in achieving the goals that you have set yourself, and not only give you temporary solutions. This philosophy runs throughout our practice at Well Health Pro in that we provide you with a comprehensive and holistic approach to rehabilitation.