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Sports Physiotherapist‘s job is to teach you how to react and respond to your own body. The human body is such a complex machine that its necessary for a whole field of medical professionals to study and then trade money for our ability to test, scan, evaluate and diagnose the problem.

Then we are able to explain and make you understand what is happening inside your body. This is what we train for, this is what we know, we are experts at understanding the interactions between the tissues in your body.

Is your pain keeping you up at night? Well, it’s our job to solve your problem and get to the root of the problem. Our Sports Physios stay up at night researching your injury to provide the best possible treatment for you. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Sports Physiotherapist treating sports injuries

Athletes who commit to sport cannot afford to spend “time off” from their sporting code. Sports Physiotherapist encourage active rehabilitation and monitoring of a condition’s progress in order to keep our athletes on a participating level. We teach and educate you how to manage your pain and provide you with warning signs where pathology is being aggravated.

This treatment approach focuses not only on the treatment of symptoms such as pain or stiffness, but also prevents future injuries. The last thing an athlete needs is a reoccurring injury and endless rehab. We are able to give you the best evidence-based treatment, to get you back to doing what you do best. Our focus on Pro-active preventative strategies to detect weak links and imbalances before injury, to improve performance.


Why see a Sports Physiotherapist after an injury?

You only have one body and you need to keep that machine going until 80, so we service human bodies and repair injured tissue.

Sports Physiotherapist are trained to diagnose a conditions and guide you through the process of recovery. We are interested in your future health and not just your current injury, because we know the impact that pain and injury can have on your body. Sports Physiotherapists understand the cellular and chemical processes that are happening inside your tissue especially to prevent more pain and chronic injury.

Sports Physio Pretoria’s treatment Philosophy

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As professional Sports Physiotherapists we blend our passion for movement and a unique athletic perspective together to address your individual needs. Our approach is ‘hands on’ which ensures that your specific needs are at the center of the process. We divert from multi-client treatments or a total machine based treatment, which often only focuses on the symptoms and not the cause of your ailment.

As a professional athlete or weekend warrior, you are built to stay moving. We rehabilitate with the goal of returning you to what you love doing. Our purpose is to get you back to your normal daily life as soon and as safely as possible. We know you don’t want to be stuck in rehabilitation forever.

Proud Medical Practitioners

Our logo exemplifies our distinctive approach: Preventative, Pro-active and Performance. As part of our preventative nature we focus on injury prevention. A detailed musclulo-skeletal screening performed by qualified professionals, aims to decrease your chances of serious injury. We provide professional advice on how to manage sport injuries correctly.

We take an interest in your future health and not just your current injury. Chronic sport injuries can handicap your life and by being pro-active we can work together with you, not only to decrease your symptoms but to prevent disability. Quick and effective intervention limits the duration and intensity of injuries which allows you to stay the happy and dynamic person that you are!

Performance is not only expected from elite athletes. You perform at work, home and school just as much as in your sport. This becomes our ultimate goal – facilitating you to perform at the best of your capabilities. This helps you stay confident in your abilities and encourages you to take on challenges to maximize your individual potential, so we pride ourselves in giving evidence based treatments and ensure that new research and technology works for you.

In the end, we love what we do and what we do is help people! We use our skill and knowledge to aid in healing. Together with your participation in rehabilitation or prehabilitation we walk the journey of success.

What is a Sports Physiotherapist?

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  • A Physiotherapist is a medical professional that specialize in diagnoses and treatment of muscle, joint, ligament and other injuries.
  • Physiotherapist — “Physio” referring to physiology. The scientific study of normal function of cells. With this background knowledge they are able to detect abnormalities, thus the term “therapist” which refers to treatment of a health problem. Sports Physiotherapist’s job is to restore normal function to your body’s cells.
  • Physiotherapists work in a wide verity of settings like hospitals, private practice, clinics, and sports clubs.
  • Physiotherapists work with individual patients or in groups.
  • In the USA a Physiotherapist is called a Physical Therapist


Performance is not only expected from elite athletes. You are expected to perform at work, home and school just as much as in sports. This becomes our ultimate goal – facilitating you to perform at the best of your capabilities. If its to sit in front of a computer for 9+ hours or driving around in your car. We can relieve your pain so you can get back to living your life — pain free!

Essentially we use our skill and knowledge to aid in healing.

Most Common Sports Injuries:

The Sports Physiotherapist knows

It is important to check with your physiotherapist or doctor as soon as possible. Mild injuries may need no further intervention than the above, but this decision should be made by a professional.

Then we work on the sports field we try to assess the damage right there on the field, because in most cases the swelling can prevent us from testing and even doing scans on the injured area. This is so important because we can immediately determine what structures have been damaged by doing a few tests and palpating the injured area.

When the swelling sets in it gets more difficult to pinpoint the site and structures that were injured. Then you have no choice but to wait until the swelling has subsided before the treatment can be targeted to a specific structure.

Sport Injury Physiotherapist
Sport injury Physiotherapist

Sports injuries we treat: