Concussion is the under diagnosed brain injury. EVERY Concussion is serious because the nerves in your brain are injured.

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Sciatica Hip Pain

Sciatica is a Symptom of nerve pain which basically means there is injury, compression or irritation on the Sciatic branch of nerves of the hip. Sciatica hip pain can be due to the Pirriformis, Hamstrings or referral from the nerves exiting in the lower back. We are able to test the nerves in your hip to find the cause

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Pinched Nerve pain

A pinched nerve pain occurs when too much pressure (compression) is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues. Pinched nerves can be released, Physio treatment of Nerve irritation & compression

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Sciatic Nerve pain

Sciatic nerve pain are felt along the sciatic nerve is referred to as sciatica. Sciatic nerve pain can be caused by compression, irritation or damage to the sciatic nerve branch as it runs from the lower back to the hip, leg, thigh & foot. We test, diagnose and treat sciatic nerve injury, especially Sciatica.

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Nerve Pain

Symptoms of nerve pain can be very severe & alarming. We explain the types of nerve compression, irritation and other nerve injuries. Nerve pain (Neuralgia) is pain that is caused by damage or disease that affects the power cables of the body.

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