Hip Injuries

We discuss some of the most common Hip injuries we treat and how we can help. Hip injuries from femur fractures to thigh muscle tears. Muscles, tendons, nerves or joints, can be the cause of lower back pain, so we’ll look at the different types of structures in the hip and the injuries that comes with it.

Remember that most injuries don’t happen in isolation, in most cases there are two to three structures that’s a problem. Its common to find more than one injury for example: With a femur fracture we find that 3 ligaments are sprained and usually 2 groups of muscle are injured, as well as 6 tendon injuries that accompany it.

Our main concern will be to determine which one is the worst or the main problem, and focus our attention there. A general rule of thumb is a hierarchy of importance:

  1. Nerve
  2. Bone
  3. Joint
  4. Disc
  5. Ligament
  6. Tendon
  7. Muscle

Hip pain

The hip pain is complex & not many medical practitioners are able to pinpoint the main source of your hip pain. Put us to the challenge

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Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis is inflammation that affects this a fluid filled sac or cushion (bursa) over the a bony point at the side of your hip. This condition occurs when the bursa becomes irritated, compressed or infected.

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Gluteus Muscle Strain (Hip)

A Gluteul muscles strain involves a strong group of 3 muscles that forms the buttock. Standing up, walking or climbing stairs will give a sharp pain in your butt. "Jumpers" are more likely to develop a gluteus muscle strain, due to the high intensity of the muscle contraction. We are the experts to treat a gluteal muscle strain.

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Hip Muscle Strain

A Hip muscle strain affects any of the muscles surrounding the hip joint. Injury to the hip muscles can cause many other problems. We treat hip muscle strains, we are able to distinguish if you are suffering form a hip muscle injury and what else maybe causing your hip muscle pain.

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Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome: The Piriformis muscle leads to Sciatic nerve compression & irritation, which leads to a path of pain down your leg known as sciatica.

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Hip Labrum Tear

Hip Labral tears affect the labrum, a ring of cartilage that surrounds the acetabulum. The hard cartilage that stabilizes the hip joint is vulnerable to tear.

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