Sciatica is a symptom of irritation of the sciatic nerve that cause sharp shooting pains in the back, radiating down the Sciatic nerve to the Legs. A pinched sciatic nerve will cause symptoms of Sciatica

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Lower Back Pain

Causes of Lower back pain treatment: muscle, joint, nerve, disc, tendon. Physiotherapist look at the symptoms, types of pain. Some lower back pain causes you need to know. When scans are necessary and how to prevent lower back injuries.

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Slipped Lower Back Disc

Lower back Slipped Disc, Disc Bulge, Hernia. Know the difference between the types of slipped discs. A physio perspective on the signs, symptoms, causes. What to do and what NOT to do.

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Pinched Nerve pain

A pinched nerve pain occurs when too much pressure (compression) is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues. Pinched nerves can be released, Physio treatment of Nerve irritation & compression

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Back muscle spasm

Back muscle spasms is your warning that sign of a deeper, more complex problem. Your body is taking the first steps to protect itself. A physiotherapist can guide you to understand where the back muscle spasm are coming from.

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