Elizna Hermann Physiotherapist at Well Health Pro

My Story

I started with acrobatics from a very young age, and the way my body moved and bent always fascinated me. It inspired me to learn more about the way our bodies move and the other amazing things we could do. Later on I completed my teachers and judging course in Acrobatics, although it was only the start…

With my mother as a role model Physiotherapist, I learnt more about the field and later followed in her footsteps to also become a Physiotherapist. After my very first anatomy lecture, I was sold. 

Throughout my studies I was part of the strapping team for the University of Pretoria at the Comrades Marathon. I spent many of my Saturdays working next to the rugby field for Centurion Rugby Club, which inevitably led to an increase in experience and passion towards sport related injuries.

I graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BSc Honours degree in Physiotherapy. During my studies I completed my Basi Pilates Mat course and constantly enjoy integrating these principles into my daily therapy sessions. I believe “Motion is lotion”!

I gained more experience later when I worked at Bongani Regional Hospital in Welkom with a dynamic group of Physiotherapists that taught me a lot! This is where my love and passion for orthopedic and sport conditions developed even further. I completed my ODNS Dry Needling and Sport Strapping courses as well. 

COVID taught us a lot about the importance of family and quality time. So I decided to move back to my roots in Pretoria, where I am fortunate enough to work at Cilliers and Swart Physiotherapy. What I love most about the practice is that I can help people regain their quality of life and restore their pain free movement. 

If you’ll let me, I would like to walk this road to recovery with you.

To be a Physiotherapist at Cilliers & Swart

Renier Cilliers and Jaco Swart are the proud owners of this physiotherapy practice. The Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy practice is a highly rated practice in Pretoria East, which has grown into two practices that employ skilled and experienced physiotherapists. Together we are equipped to deal with any challenges that walk through our doors. We complement each other when considering the different fields in which we have special interests, from spinal problems to chronic pain and even vestibular rehabilitation.

I believe that working with Renier and Jaco, and the dynamic team at Cilliers and Swart Physiotherapy, is like a well-oiled machine. Everyone has their role and special interest and together we can treat anything that walks through the door. I was welcomed as a part of the family from the very first time I walked into the practice, and we want to make our patients feel comfortable and at home as well.

Every person is unique and different and that is the one thing I love about working at Cilliers and Swart Physiotherapy. We treat each person holistically, and tailor the exercises to suit your specific daily needs and functions. At Cilliers and Swart we aim to treat your PROBLEM and not just your SYMPTOMS.