Physio: Helga Jeske

Tennis, Rock climbing, Gymnastics, Triathlon or Underwater Hockey. I am a very multi-faceted person. Currently I am a professional beach tennis player coming from the traditional tennis background. I gained a lot of Physiotherapy experience through helping in the rehabilitation process of fellow tennis players. My main focus were shoulder and ankle injuries. Being a Level 2 ITF Tennis Coach, advanced Flute player as well as a Pilates instructor, has given me a broader bases of knowledge in various aspects. Various aspects should always be considered in any rehabilitation process from the beginning to the very end.

My passion in Physiotherapy was inspired by my open and kind-hearted nature and the fact that I enjoy very good performances. This includes anything from sports, professional musicians or a mother being able to carry her 3 children on her back and sides. Having pain, is something I do not believe in, although exhaustion to the maximum and sore muscles are fine. Unexplained moderate to high level pain is a no go. 

Prevention is better than cure

I enjoy treating team sport players and gained a lot of experience from Rugby, Netball and Cricket. “Prevention is better than cure”, is definitely the motto that I have seen to be most helpful when it comes to the human body. Unfortunately “shut-up medication” (pain tablets) has become something common and is easily used. This in turn, causes that help is only searched for in the advanced stages of an injury.

From studying in the USA (Alabama) and Germany (Bayern), competing in South America, Russia and Egypt and returning to our beautiful country, I  became aware of the fortunate position we as Physiotherapists have in South Africa. We can work independently. This means we do not only follow Doctor’s instructions or rely on their referrals. This comes with more responsibility for us. At the same time, it is also a greater challenge and the opportunity to dig deep into research and constantly expand our knowledge.

I really enjoy and love what I do. My heart really warms up when patients walk out understanding the principle of early intervention. I jump of joy when the realization hits that prevention is better than trying to re-box spilled milk.

What my clients say about me

I was getting really frustrated with my sciatic nerve injury. Helga really helped me to get through the whole rehabilitation process, not only aiding in the physical process but giving excellent advice for everything that comes with a nerve injury. She has healing hands!

T West

My ankle ligaments were torn badly in a hockey match. Instead of the normal moonboot-way Helga provided me with an alternative way, which included walking on the foot with a brace as soon as I could. I am so thankful because I could see that I was a lot more mobile very soon without having to spend 6 weeks in a boot. I am back on the field and feel confident and well healed.

H Neethling

After struggling with my shoulder for a very long time I came to see Helga. She really knew what to do and gave me exercises in combination with her hands-on sessions that fixed my longstanding problem. I can gym pain free and have not gotten any issues with my shoulder again.

L Greef