Juané le Roux is working and sharing her skills as a Senior physiotherapist at our Issie Smuts practice in Pretoria. She has years of expertise in accurately diagnosing as well as treating injuries and all kinds of pain. Juané holds herself to the highest benchmark, because “good enough” is rarely good enough. Her push for perfection is the standard she expects from herself. She is soft spoken but you’ll be amazed that she notices the smallest details about your injury, that might be the breakthrough you have been waiting for. Dedicated and thoughtful. She truly enjoys helping others, and she happily shares her knowledge and expertise with anyone who needs it. Always striving for win-win situation. Juané is intrigued by sports injuries and postoperative orthopedic conditions.

Physiotherapist – Juané le Roux

Unwavering loyalty and dedication to her beliefs makes her a force to be reckoned with, and your greatest assets as an ally. Though sensitive and caring she also has excellent analytical abilities and an eye for detail.

She tackles her work with precision with a focused intensity that’s startling. When the goal is set, she applies all her energy to what she believes will make a real difference. She’s practical in her advice not hesitating to tackle the problem head-on, doing what is necessary. Juané doesn’t just work, she takes pride in it and and forms and emotional attachment to the projects she’s dedicated herself to, not resting until she’s done all she can to guarantee success.

Juané’s humble nature rarely boosts her ego, but patients respects her duly earned credit for her contribution to solving their problems. Her reputation is not plastered on billboards, but whispered in confidential confidence. She downplays her brilliance with fine finesse, but allow her to help, and she’ll beam pure genius.

“Good service and dedication above all else.”

Juané’s stubborn dedication and determination can sometimes leave her trying to do everything by herself, even when it’s simply impossible. She dedicates her time and energy to expand her skills and strives for true wisdom rather than simple compliance. Juané expresses her concerns in a gentle nonjudgmental way, allowing time for you to digest the info, taking care that you understand rather than blindly follow orders. This special talent makes her patients feel cherished and truly cared for. Her warm, sensitive, genuine attentive approach might catch you off-guard, as she gets her drive and feels energized when someone shows up who needs her help.

Her meticulous and careful approach to recovery takes a steady pace, ensuring that things are done right, and to the highest standard.

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My Story

Always being intrigued and fascinated by the human body and how it works, I found myself binge watching all the medical programs as a child… From a young age I knew I would love to pursue a career in the medical field. Also having a great love for sport and feeling very fulfilled helping a person in need, it still took my own running injury to expose me to the wonderful world of physiotherapy.

This was the perfect combination of medicine, improving patients’ quality of life and also treating disfunction with exercise! I completed my B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Honors) degree in 2008 at the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University.

As I gained more working experience, I developed a great love for orthopedics and was also privileged to work closely with top orthopedic surgeons and observed many surgeries. I then decided to further my knowledge and completed a post graduate course in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) in 2012. I’ve been practicing for more than 14 years in various settings, and expanded my skills accordingly.

Apart from being a physiotherapist I am also an avid runner and started running from age 10 and has never stopped. I moved more to road running and ultra distance running and have completed 3 Comrades marathons.



Carli van Dyk Physiotherapist in Pretoria

Partners of Well Health Pro

Physio: Juané le Roux is a proud team member of this cozy little practice, situated in Pretoria east. Our practice is one of the best and highly rated practice’s in Pretoria, which has grown into two practices that not only employ skilled physiotherapists but also have an in house hand therapist and biokineticist. Together we are equipped to deal with any and all challenges that walk through our doors. Moreover, our experts complement each other when you consider the different fields in which we have special interests, from joint replacements, to a nagging headache. As a Physio Juané prefers taking the time to thoroughly evaluate her patients in order to get to the core of their problem and not just addressing their symptoms.

Juané works in close relation with her colleagues sports and running knowledge in order to find the best combination of movements to achieve their goal. In the same way we aim to treat every patient like they’re our family. For this reason we invite you to give her a call and put her to the test. Prevention of recurrence is as big a part of treatment as curing the problem. As a result it became one of the main reasons why she enjoys the approach followed by Well Health Pro.

Carli van Dyk Physiotherapist at Well Health Pro

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Juané le Roux as Orthopedic Physiotherapist in Pretoria

Orthopedic physiotherapy is provided by a special group of physiotherapists that focuses on your biomechanical and structural rehabilitation. In general, treatment is goal driven with specific achievements in mind, in order to maximize your improvement. To put it another way, it’s done so that you can return to your activities as soon as possible. This type of physical therapy is explicitly used to: address accidental injuries, bone injuries and to resolve tissue damage.

Juané le Roux one of our best physiotherapists, and particularly focuses on the body’s main structures of bone, muscle, ligaments and tendons. Similarly the inter-connected systems of the heart, circulation and lungs are uniquely focused upon. Her treatments are specifically tailored to the patients condition and mainly include: exercise plans, advice, hands-on treatment and so much more. With this in mind, the amount of treatments depend on the severity of your pathology. Juané explains why and guides you through your recovery in detail.

Our physio practices are fully equipped with the newest technologies and treatment rooms to allow our physiotherapists to treat all types of musculoskeletal conditions. In conclusion, all our patients will be assessed with attention to identifying the cause of their problem so that treatment can be targeted, appropriate and effective.

What my clients say about me

I was treated by Juané le Roux for sore muscles. The best experience ever at a physio from thorough exploration of issue to explanation and treatment. Wow, just amazing!

E van der Merwe

I was is such pain I could barely sleep on my shoulder, Juané explained everything every time as she treated various muscles. Exercises on an app kept me motivated and tracked my progress. I’m very grateful for her professional service .

P de Bruin

I’ve been to Physios, Chyros, even Surgeons – none as good as Juané, I have multiple chronic problems and this is one of the first times I can actually indicate that I’m optimistic about my future.

I Theron

Ek het ongelooflike diens en ondersteuning gekry by die onderneming. Nina, wat my gehelp het, het baie kennis in haar veld, en het reg gekry om ‘n langdurige probleem op te los. Beide die tyd by haar en die oefeninge wat sy my gegee het vir die huis was uitstekend. Sy het my altyd gemaklik laat voel, my vrae geantwoord en by my opgevolg om seker te maak ek raak beter. Die ontvangs en ander personeel was ook altyd baie vriendelik en profesioneel. Ek sal hulle definitief aanbeveel.
Erika van Deventer
Erika van Deventer
Marlene and Karli adapted their schedules to accommodate my husband and I so that our appointments coincided. It eliminated a lot of traveling. Valuable advice was given in order to manage the pain on a daily basis. Exercises were adapted according to our needs. Our progress was monitored and clear explanations of our condition were given throughout the process.
Marine Van Straaten
Marine Van Straaten
Great advice from Marlene for my neck and back issue I recently developed. She was professional and extremely helpful with getting all healed up. Highly Recommended!
Bertus Janse van Rensburg
Bertus Janse van Rensburg
Very friendly and professional treatment received. They specialize in treating spinal problems. Will certainly go back for more treatment.
Hendrik Oosthuizen
Hendrik Oosthuizen
Professional service provided by Carli van Dyk. One gets the sense that she is sincerely concerned with your well being. Regular follow ups appreciated.
Lester Hartley
Lester Hartley
I was throughly satisfied with the treatment received and Yolanda more than exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much.
Sharon Castro Carballo
Sharon Castro Carballo
Knowledgeable and friendly, and really helped me to resolve a long standing, recurring injury. Highly reccomended!
Steyn Verster
Steyn Verster
Very professional, friendly and helpful service. I can recommend Marcel with great confidence. At last I have found someone who understands my chronic back condition, listens to his patients, and has great experience in treating me 'holistically.' He is highly knowledgeable, very experienced, uses 'common sense and goes the extra mile in monitoring his patients progress. I can relax knowing im in good hands, and my appointments have become my 'chill pill'. Thank you for making my visits such a comfortable experience.
Joan van Rensburg
Joan van Rensburg
Knowledgeable physio - good advice and excellent professional service.
Deborah Bonnin
Deborah Bonnin

Our Private Physio Practice

The team at of Physiotherapists at Well Health Pro are dedicated to providing great customer service, in any event, and we strive for industry leading clinical care. For this reason, we have a close working relationship with numerous General Practitioners, and some of South Africa’s leading medical specialists. We provide fully equipped facilities, to deal with any and all types of problems.

Ongoing education is a priority among our staff. Therefore Juané le Roux and all our physiotherapists ordinarily participate in regular professional development self studies, or regular clinical reviews, and mentoring. Since our processes and procedures as an accredited practice are similarly important, we are regularly audited to ensure that we meet all rigorous Health Sector Standards.

Carli van Dyk Physiotherapist & Medical professional at Well Health Pro


“An injury is not just a process of recovery it’s a process of discovery”

If you’re suffering from pain after trauma or even surgery, you are at the right place. We treat all kinds of injury and damage to tissue like muscle, joint, tendon, ligament and nerves. Sign up for treatment today.

Juané’s Physio interests & experience

Juané is intrigued by problems originating from no particular structure, but finds the thrill in discovering the cause of an underlying complex biomechanical system. Acute injuries meaning, the fresher the injury, the better. She’s presently certified as a physiotherapist with a Sub specialization in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT1). To know more about the overall treatments that we use, see the links below.

Carli van Dyk - Physiotherapist and medical professional at Well Health Pro

Work Experience

Life Eugene Marais Hospital:

  • Pulmonology
  • ICU
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatric chest
  • Pulmonology
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Orthopedics
  • Sports injuries
  • Road Accident Fund
  • Medical negligence reports
  • Post graduate specialization in joint mobilization