Kaylan van Wyk

Online Assistant

I am currently a second year Intermediate Phase Education student at the University of Pretoria.

After completing matric, I started my Dance (Ballet) Teachers Diploma presented by the Dance Academy of South Africa. I completed the Theory part of the course and I am currently busy completing the Teaching hours required to complete this qualification. I hope to complete this final exam at the end of 2020. I am constantly trying to learn and develop further, and I do my best to attend a variety of conventions and workshops. Last year I attended a workshop presented by John Byrne, the Artistic Director of Classical Dance Australia, which focused on the anatomical effects of dancing, specifically ballet, on the body.

As a dancer, I understand the importance of tendons, bones and ligaments working in harmony and I am fascinated with the problems that can occur through small misalignments. With a fervent interest in the development of young people, I aim to combine the physical as well as educational development of children in my future profession.

I believe children with minor physical deviations, such as sickled feet and bowlegs, can be guided earlier in their lives to avoid future problems when they are adults. Other problems such as muscle imbalances can be addressed when the child is still young and developing. When these deviations are addressed early, children will be less likely to develop injuries when starting physical activities like sports at school.

With my future connection to schools I aspire to one day be able to identify and help eradicate the physical problems young children face. I also expect to be able to assess and teach the necessary adjustments and alignments and thereby prevent unnecessary future injuries.

Furthermore, I want to work with other educators, therapists and leaders in their fields to be able to foster an understanding of movement in all children, even if the child does not want to pursue a professional career in future. Should they want to become professional athletes, I want to work alongside other sport coaches and extend the professional careers of these athletes by preventing injury in their youth.

Working as an online assistant to this dynamic team of therapists, I am experiencing the work environment of professionals with whom I want to work in the future. I am also learning valuable skills which will enable me to one day reach my own goals. I am challenged by the team and encouraged to work towards my dreams. Being a part of the Cilliers & Swart family is truly an enervating experience.