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From tennis to golfer's elbow joint pain, we explain the symptoms, causes and common injuries. Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Bicep tendon & muscle tears, Triceps tendon & muscle tears.

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Upper Arm

Upper arm injury symptoms mainly arise from injuries to the muscles. There are different types of structures in the upper arm that could produce pain. Upper arm pain: Causes, Common injuries to the upper arm

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Elbow pain & Elbow injuries

From tennis to golfer's elbow pain, we explain the symptoms, causes and common elbow injuries. The elbow can be a quite tricky area to diagnose where the pain is coming from due to the two forearm bones (Ulnar & Radius) connecting to the upper arm (humerus)

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Symptoms in the forearm is usually because of an overload or stain of the muscles in the forearm. Other causes like nerve compression. Forearm pain when gripping, holding, lifting, treatment form the Physio expert.

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