Marisa Tredoux is a physiotherapist in Pretoria that has years of expertise in accurately testing, diagnosing as well as treating all kinds of pain. Altogether she’s a softhearted, yet strong handed therapist and is equally as reserved, when discussing her various achievements in the different skills and knowledge. She’s a decorated practitioner that has honestly earned the respect of her patients, and above all – she treats each and every one of them like family. After facing all the challenges and experiences head on, she finally arrived at the top. Currently, she’s working and sharing her skills as a Senior Physiotherapist, and partner, at Well Health Pro. Marisa Tredoux is a practicing physio that is equally interested in both nerve pain conditions and chronic pain.

Physiotherapist – Marisa Tredoux

As a matter of fact, Marisa is a reserved, soft-spoken advocate for change. She has a deep sense of idealism together with integrity, although she’s not an idle dreamer – she takes concrete steps in order to truly realize her goals and ensures that she makes a lasting impact. Similarly, she speaks with great passion and conviction, especially when it comes to your health and recovery process. Above all Carli strives to do what’s right – and she wants to help create a world where others can candidly benefit from her advice. Her personality aspires to notably fix society’s deeper problems, in the hope that unfairness and hardship can become things of the past.

She communicates in a way that is mainly warm and sensitive. This emotional honesty and insight is powerful when dealing with pain and trauma. It is important to realise that she tends to act with the best of intentions. As a result, nothing lights up Carli’s world like creating a proper solution that can help change people’s lives.

“She uses her strengths for the greater good”

Carli is certainly a creative thinker. She enjoys finding the perfect solution for the people she cares about. That is to say that Carli, as a Physio, typically strives to move past appearances and focuses upon getting to the heart of things instead. This thus gives her an almost uncanny ability to understand people’s true motivations, feelings, and needs. She definitely has deeply held beliefs, and her conviction, in fact, often shines through when she speaks about pain and pathology. Ultimately, her words are compelling and inspiring. Carli is a passionate physiotherapist that rarely settles for “good enough”. As can be seen, she pursues her ideals with a force that may catch you off guard.

She thinks about how her actions affect others, and her goal is to openly behave in a way that will help you and the people around her – overall, she wants to make the world a better place.

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My Story

As an athlete and advanced Royal Academy ballerina, I have always been fascinated by human anatomy and movement. This planted the seed early in my life to become a medical professional.

At school, I excelled in academics and actively participated in sports and dancing. As a ballerina, I danced in several State Theater productions and was the lead Ballerina in a production of Sleeping Beauty. Unsurprisingly, these activities required many a visit to physiotherapists and other medical practitioners, further fostering my future career choices.

In 2020 I completed my BSc Physiotherapy Honours degree at the University of the Free State. During my academic and clinical studies, I became interested in treating cardiopulmonary, neurological, and orthopaedic conditions.

I am married to a professional cricketer and have come to understand the impact professional sport can have on the mind and body. This and my empathetic relationship with my patients have taught me the importance of the balance between emotions and treatment, to help my patients to lead the life they want.

Carli van Dyk Physiotherapist in Pretoria

Partners of Well Health Pro

Marisa Tredoux, the physiotherapist, is a proud partner of Well Health Pro. Wealth Health Pro is one of the most successful and highly regarded practices in Pretoria East. Our team of highly skilled professionals, like Marisa, are well equipped and together we can evaluate, diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries.

The professionals at Well Health Pro are committed to our patients and we provide expert clinical evaluations and accurate treatments. We value long-term relationships with our patients, therefore we are focused on the unique needs and goals of each individual that walks through our doors.

Our physiotherapists are very hands-on, but we also empower our patients to take control of their health and well-being, through education and sharing of rehabilitation programs. We aim to not only solve your current problem, but we also want to prevent possible recurrence.

Carli van Dyk Physiotherapist at Well Health Pro

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Marisa as an orthopaedic and cardiopulmonary physio

The main goal of orthopaedic physiotherapy is to improve and ultimately maintain your biomechanical and structural functionality. Orthopaedic physiotherapy aims to regain maximal functionality after accidental injuries, muscle injuries and injuries to bones and joints, and tissue damage.

Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy is an area of physiotherapy that specialises in the rehabilitation of the heart and lungs. Cardiopulmonary physiotherapists aim to improve lung function to help our patients to lead more active lives.

Marisa’s treatments are customised to fit the needs of each unique patient. Her treatments are hands-on and she strives to empower her patients, to take charge of their health and well-being, through sharing knowledge and rehabilitation programs that must be followed. Marisa educates patients on the rehabilitation process and detail regarding exercises and recovery time.

Well Health Pro facilities are well equipped, and the spacious treatment rooms enable Marisa to treat all orthopaedic and cardiopulmonary conditions easily.

What my clients say about me

I twisted my ankle and tore my ankle ligaments altogether. Carli thereupon created a treatment plan that got me back to running within weeks. I enjoyed her company and by the time the sessions were over, I could already feel the improvements! In essence, she is a brilliant physio.

H van der Merwe (Athlete)

To summarise, I had a slipped disc in my neck. I was in soooo much pain. Nonetheless Carli instantly knew exactly what to do. Without delay she quickly got to work. Thank you Carli, you specifically, are Godsend. Bless those hands.

S Du Toit

Carli van Dyk
Ek het ongelooflike diens en ondersteuning gekry by die onderneming. Nina, wat my gehelp het, het baie kennis in haar veld, en het reg gekry om ‘n langdurige probleem op te los. Beide die tyd by haar en die oefeninge wat sy my gegee het vir die huis was uitstekend. Sy het my altyd gemaklik laat voel, my vrae geantwoord en by my opgevolg om seker te maak ek raak beter. Die ontvangs en ander personeel was ook altyd baie vriendelik en profesioneel. Ek sal hulle definitief aanbeveel.
Erika van Deventer
Erika van Deventer
Marlene and Karli adapted their schedules to accommodate my husband and I so that our appointments coincided. It eliminated a lot of traveling. Valuable advice was given in order to manage the pain on a daily basis. Exercises were adapted according to our needs. Our progress was monitored and clear explanations of our condition were given throughout the process.
Marine Van Straaten
Marine Van Straaten
Great advice from Marlene for my neck and back issue I recently developed. She was professional and extremely helpful with getting all healed up. Highly Recommended!
Bertus Janse van Rensburg
Bertus Janse van Rensburg
Very friendly and professional treatment received. They specialize in treating spinal problems. Will certainly go back for more treatment.
Hendrik Oosthuizen
Hendrik Oosthuizen
Professional service provided by Carli van Dyk. One gets the sense that she is sincerely concerned with your well being. Regular follow ups appreciated.
Lester Hartley
Lester Hartley
I was throughly satisfied with the treatment received and Yolanda more than exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much.
Sharon Castro Carballo
Sharon Castro Carballo
Knowledgeable and friendly, and really helped me to resolve a long standing, recurring injury. Highly reccomended!
Steyn Verster
Steyn Verster
Very professional, friendly and helpful service. I can recommend Marcel with great confidence. At last I have found someone who understands my chronic back condition, listens to his patients, and has great experience in treating me 'holistically.' He is highly knowledgeable, very experienced, uses 'common sense and goes the extra mile in monitoring his patients progress. I can relax knowing im in good hands, and my appointments have become my 'chill pill'. Thank you for making my visits such a comfortable experience.
Joan van Rensburg
Joan van Rensburg
Knowledgeable physio - good advice and excellent professional service.
Deborah Bonnin
Deborah Bonnin

Our Private Physio Practice

The team of Physiotherapists at Well Health Pro are notably dedicated to providing great customer service, in any event, and we strive for industry-leading clinical care. For this reason, we have a close working relationship with numerous General Practitioners and some of South Africa’s leading medical specialists. We provide fully equipped facilities, to deal with any types of problems.

Ongoing education is a priority among our staff. Therefore Marisa Tredoux and all our physiotherapists ordinarily participate in regular professional development self-studies, regular clinical reviews, and mentoring. Since our processes and procedures as an accredited practice are similarly important, we are regularly audited to ensure that we meet all rigorous Health Sector Standards.

Carli van Dyk Physiotherapist & Medical professional at Well Health Pro


“It is good if we can make you feel better, it is GREAT if we can keep you that way. ”

If you are experiencing discomfort following trauma or surgical procedures, you’ve come to the correct location. Our services cater to various types of injuries and tissue damage, including muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Enroll for treatment today and begin your healing process.

Marisa’s Physio interests & experience

Marisa has a special interest in problems originating from your major joints and lungs, this includes muscle, nerve, joint, and lung injuries and/ or conditions. She is qualified as a physiotherapist, with a focus on cardiopulmonology and orthopaedic conditions. The links below give more information on Marisa’s specific treatment choices.

Carli van Dyk - Physiotherapist and medical professional at Well Health Pro

Work Experience

  • ICU (post neurosurgery and complicated orthopaedic surgeries)
  • Orthopaedics (with focus on knee and hip replacements, as well as external fixations)
  • Neurosurgery
  • Acute sports injuries

Out-patients were also treated at an out-patient practice

  • High Care and ICU (polytrauma and cardiopulmonary conditions)
  • Pulmonology (adult and paediatric)
  • Orthopaedics (including post operative rehabilitation)
  • Neurology
  • Acute sports injuries
  • Chronic pain

Out-patients were also treated at an out-patient practice, frail care unit and Uplands College.

  • Neurology
  • Cardiopulmonology
  • Burns
  • Community based physiotherapy
  • NICU
  • ICU (including polytrauma, cardiopulmonary conditions and spinal cord injuries)
  • Orthopaedics
  • Paediatrics (including polytrauma, cardiopulmonary conditions, neurology, orthopaedic conditions and burn injuries)

Educational History

Completed in 2020 at the University of the Free state.
Dry needling is a technique that is used by Health Care Providers, where a thin needle is placed into or near a Trigger Point.

New blood is then drawn to the area and the area gets “flushed”. Endorphins are also released. Dry needling therefor aids in releasing tension and muscle stiffness in the area of treatment.

Athletic taping and Kinesio Strapping is used as part of an overall treatment. Strapping can be applied for various reasons. These reasons include improving circulation, supporting certain structures, re-education of muscles and protection against injury. Different types of strapping is used, based on the area and reason for strapping.
BLS training allows an individual to have the ability to recognise when an emergency is life-threatening. BLS qualified individuals are then qualified and able to perform high-quality chest compressions, assist a patient with appropriate ventilations and make use of an AED.