Physiotherapist Treatment

Our Physiotherapist are Specialized Medical Professionals that treat muscle, ligament, tendon, joint and nerve pain. We are able to explain and make you understand what is happening inside your body. This is what we train for, this is what we know, we are experts at understanding the interactions between the tissues in your body.

We use a lot of different tests, machines and techniques to help your body heal. You just point where your pain is, we’ll take it from there. Our physiotherapist treatment depends on what we find to be the cause of your pain. We will guide you through a process & explain every step of the way.

You are in good hands with us. Our Physios love what we do and what we do is help people! We use our skill and knowledge to aid in healing. We can relieve your pain so you can get back to living your life — pain free!

Sports Physiotherapist Pretoria East

Sports injury Physiotherapist are professional medical practitioners that use treatment techniques and machines to help your body heal. We can help you recover faster. Sports Physiotherapists are specialized in the field of Sports injuries. We are considered experts in the field of physiologically enhancing the normal healing of tissue.

Discovery Health Network Physiotherapist in Pretoria

Discovery Medical Aid network Physiotherapist in Pretoria east. We are contracted into the Discovery Health program, there are benefits for both of us.

Sports Massage Pretoria

Professionally trained masseuse that provides Deep tissue massage, Sports massage 60 min for R400. She will get rid of those knots, just call to book. Sports massage in Pretoria East.


Physiotherapist use Ultrasound to accelerate the healing process. We explain the uses and its physiological effects on tissue. Therapeutic Ultrasound used by Physiotherapists


Different types of strapping and its uses, effects and advantages. Treatment from sports taping to rigid strapping. Physiotherapist reasoning behind Strapping.


Physiotherapist use low level laser therapy as part of their treatment. Physiotherapist use a wide range of Machines and techniques to accelerate healing of tissue. Laser therapy, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound



Acupuncture treatment used by Physiotherapist Pretoria. The results and why sticking needles into you is a good idea. Acupuncturist & the logic behind it. Comparison between Dry-Needle and Acupuncture

Acute Injury Treatment

Medical Aid Physiotherapist