Lower Back Pain

Causes of Lower back pain treatment: muscle, joint, nerve, disc, tendon. Physiotherapist look at the symptoms, types of pain. Some lower back pain causes you need to know. When scans are necessary and how to prevent lower back injuries.

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Hip pain

The hip pain is complex & not many medical practitioners are able to pinpoint the main source of your hip pain. Put us to the challenge

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Groin Pain

Causes of groin pain in the inner thigh and pelvis, symptoms and exercises that can prevent groin injuries. Distinguish between types of groin pain. Groin pain can come from any structure in or surrounding your inner thigh where there are numerous arteries and veins as well as large muscles like the adductor group that attaches to the pelvis. Your inner thigh pain can be caused by any of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, or joints in the groin area.

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Neck pain

The symptoms of neck pain often overlap. Our Physios explain neck muscle pain & stiffness, sharp stabbing neck pain when you turn your head. To find the culprit causing the pain we have to look at the different structures in the neck: Muscle, nerve, joints

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Neck Muscle Spasm

Neck muscle spasm is a symptom of either protective guarding or sustained muscle tension, that can fatigue the muscles in your neck. A Neck muscle spasm is usually an underlining cause of something else. Neck pain can be caused by a wide variety of pathology (injury to the tissue) of the different muscle layers in your neck, some more serious than other. Ask your Physio to help you understand why your neck muscles are going haywire.

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Sciatic Nerve pain

Sciatic nerve pain are felt along the sciatic nerve is referred to as sciatica. Sciatic nerve pain can be caused by compression, irritation or damage to the sciatic nerve branch as it runs from the lower back to the hip, leg, thigh & foot. We test, diagnose and treat sciatic nerve injury, especially Sciatica.

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Sciatica is a symptom of irritation of the sciatic nerve that cause sharp shooting pains in the back, radiating down the Sciatic nerve to the Legs. A pinched sciatic nerve will cause symptoms of Sciatica

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Back muscle spasm

Back muscle spasms is your warning that sign of a deeper, more complex problem. Your body is taking the first steps to protect itself. A physiotherapist can guide you to understand where the back muscle spasm are coming from.

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Neck Disc injury

Neck pain can be due to a Cervical Disc Bulge or Prolapse. A Slipped neck disc cause sharp pain in the neck, shoulder blades, down the arm into the hand or fingers.

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A Whiplash injury is a collection of problems that we can expect to find when dealing with a forwards & backwards or sideways jerk of your neck.

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